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What can help me to choose trading software better?

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The modern world has changed completely in the past 10 years. Today everything can be automated and I find it difficult to imagine what a professional engineer or programmer cannot do today.

The same situation is the case in financial markets, where each process is generated by an automatic process. The times of the telegraphs and telephone booths have long been gone. Today, it is enough to have a laptop with an Internet connection to perform commercial transactions.

This increased interest and demand on the part of fix api traders caused a huge increase in software production. Take, for example, MQL market, housing probably tens of thousands of different programs, scripts, trade robots, and utility utilities.

However, how do you choose the best quality software? Because of this abundance of programs, it’s hard to find the optimal software fitting your trade strategy.

There are several options to determine quality software:

  • The yield of the algorithm. I recommend that you combine this indicator with the fit. If the sales robot yields 100%, but the capital was as low as -50%, it tell you of a higher risk of strategy;
  • Monitoring on external sources, same as MQL or Myfxbook –
  • Positive back-testing results. You should base your conclusions looking at historical testing as well as real accounts;
  • Financial performance from algorithmic strategy trading;
  • Feedback and reviews from current customers.

And I recommend that you pay attention to the last parameter — reviews. This allows you to understand the principle of work of a trading robot, because all tests and metrics will be nullified if the algorithm does not work in a real market. This can be learned by asking the current customers first.

Feedback plays a key role in making the final decision, because you will not buy software that will adversely affect your investment capital. And now there’s a specialized resource where you can get a professional opinion on robot fix api forex:

This resource allows you to learn all the latest forex news and, of course, to know the expert’s opinion about the software. The resource is independent and therefore everything is open and transparent. If the program is not effective or is simply not needed by the trader, then you will learn it. If it’s effective then it will be recommended.

In addition, reviewsforexrobot can serve as a source for selecting and monitoring various fix api trading tools. For example, all recent programs will be covered on this site, as well as the review of classical programs for automatisation of the trade process.

I will also note that you can learn not only software feedback, but also about useful content for fix api trading. For example, the site includes a review of popular trading strategies, different indicators and algorithms for working on a market.

With this resource, you can:

  • Assess real indicators from trade robot trading;
  • Learn the rates of return;
  • Identify optimal trading conditions;
  • Select the most effective fix api forex broker, suitable for the trading robot’s working conditions.
  • Hear the current customer’s opinion and identify all of the algorithm’s pitfalls.

That is why I recommend that we pay attention to feedback and reviews. This will save your money from poor purchase and, of course, your investment capital. In addition, feedback is a quality final filter for the correct choice of software.

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A risk-safe Lock Arbitrage trade strategy. If you know what you’re doing, you’ll always win the forex market.

Category : Robots

There are many trade policies, algorithms, and software for working on the fix apiforex market, but only a subset of them is a full working algorithm that allows for steady earning. About 90 per cent of the strategies on the Internet are written according to the old rules and principles, which today are no longer fully functional. Moreover, the purchase of a trading algorithm will have a direct impact on your investment capital, not just the sum of the purchase.

Today, we will look at an example of a trade strategy that has unique characteristics as well as its own trade practices in the marketplace. We’re talking about Lock Arbitrage

This product can be used as an example to show the advantages of arbitrage trading. Moreover, this software allows to keep positions open during several hours, thus preventing brokers from identifying the trader’s behavior as arbitrage or even scalping trading. For more information:

Arbitration trading is a kind of fix api trading, which is to analyze the current value of quotes and compare them at different stock sites in order to speculate on the exchange rate. Simply put, the algorithm analyzes the price of the same financial asset and, if there are significant deviations, opens the positions towards the spread. You can read more about arbitration trading here

Lock Arbitrage is a complete software for a fix api trader allowing for arbitration transactions to be performed directly within the program itself. As we know, most robots have a simple file for fix apiMT4, located directly in the terminal root. These programs have minimal settings within the merchant robot. Lock arbitrage has its own graphical interface and the ability to select trading sites, which is different from the whole MQL market. Therefore, you can select one of the prime brokers in the program and configure the server to work with your fix apiforex broker. The uniqueness of this software is that it connects directly through the fix api, which makes the gapping and further overhead impossible.

The logic of the trading algorithm:

The program analyzes many currency pairs at two specified sites between a faster and a slower broker. At the time the arbitration situation appears (the difference between the quotations of the same instrument is discarded from each other more than the specified value), the program opens the purchase and sales position. The special feature is that the program does not immediately capture the position on the exchange difference. In the case of a reverse signal, the algorithm closes the positive transaction and opens a similar on the side of the broker where the negative transaction already exists. Thus, trade transactions are locked (you can read more about the locking in the link), which allows you to keep the same level of fit and to record positive positions. The trader will always have a guaranteed profit, which is the difference between the prices of purchase and sale, which reduces the risk to zero.


The cost EUR/GBP at a prime broker is 0.8950, and at the second one is 0.8945. With Lock arbitrage stop loss and trail stop levels are set. For example, a sales transaction has been closed at the stop loss level. The algorithm then opens the sales transaction again, but at the broker’s, where the purchase transaction is located. Thus, all trade is transferred to one broker and the lock is commenced. When an opportunity to open a position arises, the merchant robot closes the positive transaction and opens the opposite one on the other site.


  • Lack of risk through guaranteed return of several points;
  • Withholdingofprofitablepositions;
  • Minimum and static seating level;
  • The ability to trade both through MT4 and directly through the fix api;
  • CTrader trade terminal trading is possible;
  • Flexible settings for each broker and trader
  • The ability to select the volume of a trade transaction depending on the amount of the deposit;
  • The results from the trade transactions are displayed directly in the program window.

The Lock Arbitrage trade strategy allows for steady income on the fix apiforex market, but you must fully entrust the process of trading to the algorithm. On the side of the trader, you only need to optimize the process by raising the level of expansion when opening positions or trading volumes. It is necessary to understand that the strategy works and is profitable. Purchasing the Lock Arbitrage would be an excellent investment.

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How important is it to support forex trading software developers after purchasing a product

Category : Software

It is certain that anyone who has been looking for trading software has encountered a problem with its subsequent optimization. As we know, the market is not permanent, and even less so the fix api forex, which is constantly on the move. Therefore, a trade algorithm must follow and adapt to all trends. But a simple user can’t do this. The software developer must take responsibility for this feature.

By creating new approaches and algorithms for trading in the currency market, the developer must be aware that the software should be financially benefiting the customer. Moreover, in case of an error, the author of the program must fix the problem.

However, many programs are sold without proper accompaniment, but simply remove the form payment in exchange for the software for the fix api trading without further escort.

I think it’s a basic fact to help determine a quality developer who is confident in his software and is ready to improve it from programmers who are only designed to account for the software. That’s why I recommend choosing the first type of developer, because this eliminates some of the negative things that can happen after you buy a program:

  • Finding bugs and software errors;
  • Inconsistencies with the technical assignment;
  • Inability to adapt to market conditions;
  • Restricting the list of trade instruments;
  • Lack of integration with the trade terminal;
  • A clear discrepancy between historical and actual profitability, as well as fix api trading indicators.

These features can only be determined after the program has been tested in a real market environment, where support must be provided by the developer and the software is removed from all problems identified. In fact, each of these negative moments can manifest itself at different stages, under different conditions, and the advice or support of the developer must be on each of them.

In this way, the developer support allows you to:

  • Fix all errors in code;
  • Adapt the program to all required trader terms;
  • Set up the program to run under a specific brokerage company, putting all parameters for trade (gapping, spread, etc) into the algorithm;
  • Synchronize with trade terminal for comfortable fix api trading;
  • Provide all the latest software that is most susceptible to market trends free of charge.

Support for your development product allows you to always use the latest and most current software. For example, if you have purchased an arbitration robot that trades using fix api Latency Arbitrage strategy, the algorithm will be based on the faster and slower data of fix api forex broker. Therefore, you will need to remove some of the tools (for example, the currency pairs in the fix api forex market) that do not meet the conditions or trade criteria. Without a developer, this data cannot be changed. You must always contact the software author to modify the list, and if the program is not supported, you will have to expect changes for the hotel card, instead of having to set up your program code for your terms at once and without charge.

Once again, I emphasize that program support is a necessary factor when you select both developer and software. This will have a positive economic effect, as well as a trading process directly on the market. Furthermore, all errors will be resolved and new views or versions should be provided free of charge.


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Scalping strategy against arbitration trading: what brings more profit

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There are many trade policies in the financial market. Because of the abundance of systems, some strategies resemble one another on the principle of work. One of these strategies is scalping fix api trading and arbitration.

However, I would note that, despite a small affinity, these strategies have clear differences.

Scalping trading is the speculative opening of many trading operations with a short profit capture level. That is, the trade algorithm is to analyze the historical data, usually through technical indicators, on the basis of which a decision is made to open a transaction with a capture of 5-10 points from the overall traffic potential. Thus, transactions are held in the market for a few seconds or not more than a minute. The yield is generated by the number of open transactions.

In turn, arbitration trading does not analyse the historical movement of currency pair quotes on the fix api forex, but analyses the actual value of the same currency on different stock sites. For example, the normal difference between the EUR/USD price of different brokers is 5 points. When the cost of EUR/USD from one broker is 1.0620, and the second 1.0610, the trade algorithm (robot) performs the sale of the first broker and the purchase of the second. Let him, after a while, have a 1.0625 and a second 1.0620. So the difference returned to normal values and the trade algorithm closes the transaction. As a result, one operation has -5 points and the second one +10. The financial result from both operations is +5 points. This is the method of fix api arbitration trading. The yield is also generated by a large number of transactions, and the holding of positions is limited to a few seconds.

We sorted out the main difference. But now another question appears: “What is the trade strategy that generates more revenue?”

You will never get an answer to this question, because, as I said, there are many algorithms for each strategy that yield a certain rate of return. And each trade robot will be different. Some scalping system would bring more profit than the arbitration, but at the same time the arbitration system would bring more profits than a certain scalping. I’ll tell you even more. Every trade strategy, independent of its kind, generates income.

However, it is worth noting that, given the trade specification, I can call arbitration trading less risky. The algorithm, however, opens two deals at the same time, thus locking its result, so that the transactions will always be closed with a small plus (as in the example below) and this is the key advantage of this strategy. But at the same time, I note that a number of fix api forex brokerage companies prohibit this type of trade. Therefore, it will be necessary to find a broker that does not prohibit trade according to arbitration, but even better, a brokerage company with trading capability through fix api.

Scalping is based on short-term forecasts based on technical elements of the analysis and may continue for some time, thus coming into the land. This may lead to the risk of losing not only the money earned but the investment.

Choosing one of the types of trade strategies always remains with you. Keep in mind that choosing a robot or system is not just about the rate of return, but on the basis of the statistics:

– Subsidence;

– Recovery factor;

– Profit factor;

– An expected value of the trade strategy;

– Sharpe coefficient;

– Ratio of profitable/loss-making transactions.

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How much software is sufficient for a trader to be successful?

Category : Software

Today, a computer with Internet access is sufficient to carry out trading operations. Would it seem simpler? In fact, the times of the Telegraph tape or telephone system have been replaced by high frequency fix api trading, where a number of process automation techniques have been created to assist the trader.

Modern trading is simply an analysis of the movement of price quotes, based on certain algorithms. These instructions, according to which the trader reads the market, is called a strategy. Each trader has a strategy that helps you understand where the market will go, where you want to enter the transaction, how to get out, how much to invest in the deal, and what risks to install. Simply put, the technique of a trade operation has been decoded into sequential actions that are simply amenable to automation by the software.

In this way, you create trade applications and programs that make the trader’s actions more easy on the financial market. A huge number of trading systems have caused the same number of automated algorithms. Moreover, each has experimented and combined different techniques of trading, and has developed special scripts and utilities that only saturated the trader software market.

With this in mind, everyone who was deciding to use these programs in their fix api trading had a question: “How much software should be used?” And today I will try to answer it.

I should like to point out at the outset that in order to apply a trade-related approach, the first step is to develop a trade strategy, which will be the foundation, and around it, to build additional elements for trade.

So, returning to our question, I recommend the following:

  • A commercial robot. This is the main point that should be applied to successful traders. For example, the market for the fix api forex working 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. And it’s just unrealistic for a man to constantly analyze and trade, but this robot is in power. If you have a trade algorithm, then I recommend that you trust it with automation by developers who can build a robot on your strategy.
  • Trade panels. These panels should display the picture on the market through the prism of your algorithm. That is, to demonstrate the current situation: In what phase the market is located, or in what wave, what are the trade signals now, and which are being generated. In essence, these panels are the same robots but do not engage in trade transactions themselves, but they report to the fix API trader by means of push notifications or alerts. Similar panels can also be transferred to auto-trading mode.
  • Early prediction Systems. Such software can build models and analyze trade in a long perspective based on fundamental data. Typically, such uses investment funds, as well as investment banks that engage in long-term trade transactions. Using or not depends primarily on the amount of your capital.
  • Risk management programs. It allows for the limitation of psychological damages. That way, if you get a certain percentage of the loss, it will prevent you from opening transactions for some time. In fact, it can include both the robot and the panel. But! I believe that the prescribed and automated rules for the risk and manis of management should be the first thing!

As you can see, all software depends on the trade strategy and should be based on your algorithm, which can be easily automated to work on the fix api forex.

A large quantity does not guarantee a high result. Third-party programs can simply distort the result. For example, where your strategy displays a trade signal, the new one can cancel it, which would be negative for the final result.

For this reason, use only software that can increase the result of trade and, of course, it will be based on your financial market activity algorithm.


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FIX API trading: what tools are required to trade with minimal risks

Category : Robots

For a successful trade, the trader has to face a thorny path of endless trials and errors. One type of analysis is replaced by another, trade strategies are replaced by the better systems, and so on. Over time, however, everyone who dealt with financial market trading has come to create more than just their own sponsorship strategy and methods of action in the marketplace, namely the automatic approach. It’s about trade robots and other supporting software for the fix api trading. This made easier to perform transactions and, of course, to increase the financial result. However, the market developed and with the development of information technology, the new tools were also developed to predict the future price movement.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today. I’m going to tell you the techniques and the tools that I use in my trading. We will consider useful software not only for automating trading, but also for improving financial performance of trade, namely, reducing risks.

So, to begin with, I consider that the FIX API trading implies high-frequency trade on the financial market, which is trading through a special protocol FIX. This protocol provides timely market information in the form of quotations. This protocol has been in use for more than twenty years and has replaced trading through a telephone on a computer.

Returning to the question at hand, there are many utilities and scripts in the marketplace that allow the monitoring process to be carried out. However, only monitoring. How correct are the scenarios for the trade terminal fix api MT4 that display the current state of the deposit. But it’s not a risk control, it’s just a display of them.

With this in mind, I recommend that you use tools that directly prevent you from doing a commercial operation based on specified parameters. This will allow you to preserve the resources from both psychological and market influences. This software will allow you to display the current result of the trade account and to restrict the trade basing on the conditions created.

What should be the conditions for correct risk control?

  1. Risk of transaction. Remember, you should trade considering risk and not risk trading. You need to know how much you can lose in a particular transaction and be prepared for it.
  2. Risk per day/week. Similar to the first parameter, you need to write a parameter for the allowable loss per week or day that will end the trade for a certain period of time.
  3. Diversification of financial instruments. For example, if you are selling a dollar at the same time in different currency pairs, the application should not allow the fourth operation also to be opened for sale (or any other quantity). If the forecast is incorrect, all the transactions will show a negative dynamic.
  4. Maximum number of consecutive losses. If you have received a few “stop losses” in a row, you should review your approach towards analysis and trade.
  5. Maximum seating percentage. If you’ve earned 10% at the beginning, and then the score is down to 5%, then you lost 5%. The 5% is a seating. I recommend limiting this indicator to preserve not only the capital but also already earned money in the marketplace.

The advantage of FIX API trading is that all the risk-control tools I’ve brought above can easily be written in the code and used in trade.

I use these these tools in my trading, and I recommend you to implement it. Remember that int he fis api forex marketplace the main goal is to save money, and only then earn more!


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Why is it important to follow the forex robot reviews?

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With the development of information technology, there is now a multitude of supportive software that helps people. Be it a toaster or a smartphone. The process of integration with technologies has not been bypassed by trading. At first, everyone start trading through financial protocol FIX, and today, as a result, trading can be made from anywhere in the world. Moreover, to help a fix api trader, a variety of platforms, indicators, analysis and prediction systems were developed, and of course, trade robots.

A trade robot is an algorithm that is presented in the form of program code, on the basis of which an algorithmic trade strategy independently analyzes an asset, decides to purchase or sale a financial instrument, including rules on risk and money management, and has the specified exit parameters. In essence, a trading robot is a trader system that can deal with a fix api forex without the direct involvement of the trader.

However, as I have written earlier, the development of both the market and IT industry has led to the emergence of many trade algorithms, some of which are simply not full-fledged trading systems, but also, don’t work. After all, the system must be written by a fix API trader or an experienced programmer to entrust him the set of market analysis rules and principles.

To be be able to work with a quality algorithm, I recommend that you follow the forex robot reviews. This will allow you to track a reliable algorithm, know its key parameters, and the result of the return.

What should you look at when viewing the forex trading review?

  • Trading robot algorithm. The first thing you need to do is to look at the principle by which a robot sells. Is it a scalping or an arbitration strategy? Is it based on a composite analysis or two or three indicators? Is it a custom method or is it available ont the Internet? Is there an ability to trade via protocol FIX? I wish to point out that any answer to the questions above will be acceptable. I recommend that you create a list to write down the robot’s algorithm. If it is not working, unsibribe from the review and therefore cross it off the list. Next time, you’ll be walking past such robots, saving time.
  • Risk and money management parameters. A fully operational trade robot should include parameters for efficient allocation of funds to the market, as well as a maximum risk of loss. The robot is entrusted with the investments and the main rule is to save them, and only then to earn. I also recommend that you learn whether the options can be set with a custom investment sum. It’ll make the robot more flexible.
  • A robot’s profitability. Only after analyzing the risk should profitability be determined. To do this, you must review the historical data of the robot’s profitability and, if possible, query the back-testing results, which will make the picture better. Also, if you have the opportunity, query the results of the robots of your existing customers to analyze the robot’s real-world activity.
  • Robot’s fix api trading measurements. The final step is to analyse the trade coefficients, such as: fit, profit factor, mathematical expectation, recovery factor, Sharpe coefficient, average value of loss and positive transaction.

These key parameters will allow for the selection of better-quality software for automatic trade.

Robot interviewing reviews are the process required to select a working algorithm to apply to trading. Fix api trader must have an algorithmic trade strategy, because the fix api forex market is not constant and it’s heard to keep track of it. But the robot is doing a great job.




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