How important is it to support forex trading software developers after purchasing a product

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How important is it to support forex trading software developers after purchasing a product

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It is certain that anyone who has been looking for trading software has encountered a problem with its subsequent optimization. As we know, the market is not permanent, and even less so the fix api forex, which is constantly on the move. Therefore, a trade algorithm must follow and adapt to all trends. But a simple user can’t do this. The software developer must take responsibility for this feature.

By creating new approaches and algorithms for trading in the currency market, the developer must be aware that the software should be financially benefiting the customer. Moreover, in case of an error, the author of the program must fix the problem.

However, many programs are sold without proper accompaniment, but simply remove the form payment in exchange for the software for the fix api trading without further escort.

I think it’s a basic fact to help determine a quality developer who is confident in his software and is ready to improve it from programmers who are only designed to account for the software. That’s why I recommend choosing the first type of developer, because this eliminates some of the negative things that can happen after you buy a program:

  • Finding bugs and software errors;
  • Inconsistencies with the technical assignment;
  • Inability to adapt to market conditions;
  • Restricting the list of trade instruments;
  • Lack of integration with the trade terminal;
  • A clear discrepancy between historical and actual profitability, as well as fix api trading indicators.

These features can only be determined after the program has been tested in a real market environment, where support must be provided by the developer and the software is removed from all problems identified. In fact, each of these negative moments can manifest itself at different stages, under different conditions, and the advice or support of the developer must be on each of them.

In this way, the developer support allows you to:

  • Fix all errors in code;
  • Adapt the program to all required trader terms;
  • Set up the program to run under a specific brokerage company, putting all parameters for trade (gapping, spread, etc) into the algorithm;
  • Synchronize with trade terminal for comfortable fix api trading;
  • Provide all the latest software that is most susceptible to market trends free of charge.

Support for your development product allows you to always use the latest and most current software. For example, if you have purchased an arbitration robot that trades using fix api Latency Arbitrage strategy, the algorithm will be based on the faster and slower data of fix api forex broker. Therefore, you will need to remove some of the tools (for example, the currency pairs in the fix api forex market) that do not meet the conditions or trade criteria. Without a developer, this data cannot be changed. You must always contact the software author to modify the list, and if the program is not supported, you will have to expect changes for the hotel card, instead of having to set up your program code for your terms at once and without charge.

Once again, I emphasize that program support is a necessary factor when you select both developer and software. This will have a positive economic effect, as well as a trading process directly on the market. Furthermore, all errors will be resolved and new views or versions should be provided free of charge.


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