A risk-safe Lock Arbitrage trade strategy. If you know what you’re doing, you’ll always win the forex market.

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A risk-safe Lock Arbitrage trade strategy. If you know what you’re doing, you’ll always win the forex market.

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There are many trade policies, algorithms, and software for working on the fix apiforex market, but only a subset of them is a full working algorithm that allows for steady earning. About 90 per cent of the strategies on the Internet are written according to the old rules and principles, which today are no longer fully functional. Moreover, the purchase of a trading algorithm will have a direct impact on your investment capital, not just the sum of the purchase.

Today, we will look at an example of a trade strategy that has unique characteristics as well as its own trade practices in the marketplace. We’re talking about Lock Arbitrage http://www.forexzzz.com/product/forex-zzz-lock-arbitrage/.

This product can be used as an example to show the advantages of arbitrage trading. Moreover, this software allows to keep positions open during several hours, thus preventing brokers from identifying the trader’s behavior as arbitrage or even scalping trading. For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdqP8J3KLxE&t=8s.

Arbitration trading is a kind of fix api trading, which is to analyze the current value of quotes and compare them at different stock sites in order to speculate on the exchange rate. Simply put, the algorithm analyzes the price of the same financial asset and, if there are significant deviations, opens the positions towards the spread. You can read more about arbitration trading here http://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/arbitrage.asp.

Lock Arbitrage is a complete software for a fix api trader allowing for arbitration transactions to be performed directly within the program itself. As we know, most robots have a simple file for fix apiMT4, located directly in the terminal root. These programs have minimal settings within the merchant robot. Lock arbitrage has its own graphical interface and the ability to select trading sites, which is different from the whole MQL market. Therefore, you can select one of the prime brokers in the program and configure the server to work with your fix apiforex broker. The uniqueness of this software is that it connects directly through the fix api, which makes the gapping and further overhead impossible.

The logic of the trading algorithm:

The program analyzes many currency pairs at two specified sites between a faster and a slower broker. At the time the arbitration situation appears (the difference between the quotations of the same instrument is discarded from each other more than the specified value), the program opens the purchase and sales position. The special feature is that the program does not immediately capture the position on the exchange difference. In the case of a reverse signal, the algorithm closes the positive transaction and opens a similar on the side of the broker where the negative transaction already exists. Thus, trade transactions are locked (you can read more about the locking in the link), which allows you to keep the same level of fit and to record positive positions. The trader will always have a guaranteed profit, which is the difference between the prices of purchase and sale, which reduces the risk to zero.


The cost EUR/GBP at a prime broker is 0.8950, and at the second one is 0.8945. With Lock arbitrage stop loss and trail stop levels are set. For example, a sales transaction has been closed at the stop loss level. The algorithm then opens the sales transaction again, but at the broker’s, where the purchase transaction is located. Thus, all trade is transferred to one broker and the lock is commenced. When an opportunity to open a position arises, the merchant robot closes the positive transaction and opens the opposite one on the other site.


  • Lack of risk through guaranteed return of several points;
  • Withholdingofprofitablepositions;
  • Minimum and static seating level;
  • The ability to trade both through MT4 and directly through the fix api;
  • CTrader trade terminal trading is possible;
  • Flexible settings for each broker and trader
  • The ability to select the volume of a trade transaction depending on the amount of the deposit;
  • The results from the trade transactions are displayed directly in the program window.

The Lock Arbitrage trade strategy allows for steady income on the fix apiforex market, but you must fully entrust the process of trading to the algorithm. On the side of the trader, you only need to optimize the process by raising the level of expansion when opening positions or trading volumes. It is necessary to understand that the strategy works and is profitable. Purchasing the Lock Arbitrage would be an excellent investment.

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