Choosing a software developer

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Choosing a software developer

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The trader’s development is gradual and may take even more than a few years. It’s all about understanding the market and constantly changing the methods of analysis. Each one of us, at the beginning of our fix api trading journey, has passed through this stage. Some systems change for another. Some methods for another. And so on. Right up until we didn’t determine with the final the market action, whether it was the author’s trade strategy or anyone’s. The stability of the system is most important and guarantees a constant return on the market.

However, I believe that the path of a successful trader does not end there, but only begins. I highlight three stages of a trader: a rookie, a professional trader and an algorithmic trader. It’s not hard to guess the difference. And if you have a working strategy, why not automate it and turn it into a passive source of income? That is what we are talking about today. I suggest that you choose a suitable developer from my example to automate your trade strategy.

Immediately I’ll highlight the fact that using trial and error method endlessly I’ve identified three sites where you can order your project implementation.

  1. MQL developers or freelancers – It’s one of the most popular species, but frankly, there are few smart developers there, and those who are good, ask for high prices on a simple order. I would, of course, note that everything depends on the complexity and structure of your system. However, the specifics will be the same. If you need an author’s indicator that would read value and is built on your methodology, then go to MQL. If you need a trade panel or algorithmic strategy (automating your trade robot), then you might want to refer to the following types of developers:
  2.  Individual developers. Typically, these programmers have a large portfolio and have more knowledge of both fix api trading and programming for fix api forex. That is, the quality of the work done and the product support will be much higher than in the first option. But! This is often the type of developers who request high prices. Because these programmers “inhabit” both MQL and various forums for automatic trading.
  3.  Specialized companies. And the last option is to contact the company whose main activity is building automatic strategies. Here you can be more than confident in quality, as well as in the speed of implementation, compared to the previous two. Also you can sign a contract that you will only pay after the robot is provided (or 50 percent at the beginning of the collaboration and the same amount at the end). Furthermore, I recommend that you pay attention to the products that are already available for sale by the company. If the company’s product line has a clear strategy that matches your system, be assured of the quality of the product and that the integrated software is ready at the end of the collaboration. For example, provide trade robots based on fix api arbitration trading. And if you’re wondering about finding an arbitration algorithm or setting up a robot to work through protocol fix, someone who has already made such a program and has statistics on its robots is a better customer.

These are the three kinds of data I recommend to consider when searching for an automated system developer. The choice remains yours, because everything depends on your preferences and the existing trade action algorithm in the financial market.

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