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Social platforms for traders

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On a daily basis, trader not only spends his time studying the facts and current situation in the market, but also constantly fighting against it. The success depends on how correctly this or that situation is perceived and what conclusions the manager can draw. Certainly, this is all that everyone knows, however, both basic principles and fundamentals of fix apitrading are not used by anyone.

I want to note that it is impossible to resist the market movement. It’s like swimming against the current, and in the fix apiforexmarket it’s necessary to swim along this current. That’s why everyone should know and be able to analyze the situation from different sides and first act, asking himselfthe key question: “How will the rest part of the market react?”.

If 10-20 years ago it was quite difficult to find an answer to this question, today it is not a problem. The world of information technologies has significantly developed during this time and it will be enough to turn on the computer, go to various analytical resources and get acquainted with the opinions of the leading market players: to find out their forecasts, the current attitude towardsa certain asset or the market as a whole, to understand on what principle and technique the fix api tradingis ​​being kept and so on. You can even ask the question that interests you and get a response in the form of an opinion of one or another financial market expert.

Social activity has affected our sphere. Tradersjoin teams to work together in the market, which allows them to derive additional benefits based on general forecasts and risk management systems. Diversification of opinions is as much important as diversification of risks.

At the same time, social sites can be divided into several key types:

  1. Forums. Perhaps, this is one of the very first types of social sites that drove traders. On thematic forums one could ask a question and get a lot of answers, on the basis of which effective decisions were made. Today, the forums also function successfully and are a kind of knowledge base, where for several decades almost every element in fix apitrading was discussed.
  2.  Sites for publishing investment decisions or blogs. Such kind of sites appeared not so long ago. With the help of them, you can recommend investing in any asset in the financial market, publishing your forecast of the future price movement or also discover what your colleagues are trading with.
  3.  Social networks. Undoubtedly, today no company or successful trader can do without a profile in popular social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc). This allows you to personally contact the trader and find out the latest news

If you are a socially active fix api trader, this will solve the following problems for you:

  • Lack of knowledge regarding the sphere of financial markets;
  • Search for investment ideas;
  • Search for software for trading;
  • Feedback and opinions regarding trading robots or strategies;
  • Find an effective manager or investor;
  • Perfect your trading strategy;
  • Learn the recommended parameters of money management;
  • Get advanced knowledge and advice from professionals in their field

Moreover, if you have any questions about trading robots, there are many resources on the Internet, where you can evaluate the work of algorithm, analyze the results, and ask about the key parameters of its optimization.

As you can see, if previously it was rather difficult and almost unrealistic for one to understood who is behind the price, today, with the help of social sites, this task is feasible.

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Fundamental Factors Affecting the Forex Market

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The forex market is the most volatile and liquid market. Despite the fact that the currency market is the “youngest” of all financial markets, it becomes more and more popular every year. The thing is that at fix apiforex all the basic and classical methods of analysis and forecasting of an asset work perfectly, and also technical and fundamental factors are being worked out.

Technical factors for this market are not different from those for other markets, which allows stock fix api traders to follow their analysis on this platform. As for the fundamental factors, there are obvious differences. And it’s about these differences that we’ll talk today.

Fundamental analysis for the forex market is a type of forecasting the future value of an asset based on financial data, macroeconomic indicators, as well as verbal statements of the Central Banks heads.

Fundamental data allow us to build mathematical models on the basis of statistical data of the country’s economy. For example, if data on inflation show growth, then you should expect a decrease in the currency of the country to which the data refer. Also, the actual results can be compared with the predicted ones, which will allow you to learn the current mood of other market participants.

Based on this, it is possible to identify several key types of fundamental data, the boiler determines the future movement of the asset:

  1. Meeting of the Central Bank. This event relates to those currency pairs, for which the Central Bank meeting will be held directly. The Central Bank regulates the money supply in the country and therefore its meetings can carry value in the form of forecasts for a number of statistical indicators, which will be discussed later. The meeting of the Central Bank solves questions about interest rate changes, as well as monetary policy in general.
  2. Monetary policy of the Central Bank. Monetary policy is a set of measures that the Central Bank applies to stabilize and stimulate the development of the country’seconomy. Accordingly, if the central bank tightens its monetary policy by raising the interest rate, it can be assumed that the Central Bank thus makes its currency more expensive. If, on the contrary, it softens, then it is worth believing that the value of the currency will decrease.
  3. Publications of statistical data on inflation. In developed countries, statistical indicators of inflation are published on a monthly basis in the context of the month, quarter, and year. This makes it clear what is the rate of inflation development and deviation from the set by the bank goal. Month by month it reflects the change in inflation from the previous month to the current one. Much more important information for the fix api trader is the annual data, as well as their deviation from the predicted indicators.
  4. Publication of labor market statistics. Labor market indicators are published once a month, but the most attention is attracted to Nonfarm USA (, which is published every first Friday of the new month. The market receives information about the labor market, and based on these coefficients, models are built that allow forecasting the future value of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).
  5. Publication of GDP statistics. Similarly, like inflation data, GDP figures are published once a month and reflect the dynamics of GDP year by year, quarter by quarter and month by month. This allows us to form a vision of the rates of economic growth and also it gives us a clear picture of the economy development or its slowdown.
  6. Publication of statistical data on the production volume. These indicators reflect the market sentiment for each sector of the economy and allow us to know the largest development dynamics in each section of the region’s economy.
  7. Verbal statements of key persons in the exchange market. In addition to data that are published on a regular basis, volatility in the fix apiforex market can also be caused directly by the statements of the heads of Central Banks or other key persons.

As we see, the main goal of studying the fundamental factors is to study the economic components that determine the current exchange rate of the currency pair and can set the future trend. The comparison of current values ​​with market forecasts plays an important role here. Thus, it is possible to find out what reaction the majority of market participants expected and how much these expectations were met.

It should be noted that for the fundamental data analysis, new algorithmical strategies are created in the form of news robots that trade through fix api (, which allows you to instantly obtain up-to-date market information and quotes.


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How to get topical quotes by trading from any broker?

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Today, most brokerage companies continue to do what they did more than hundred years ago, namely, to earn thanks to their customers’ stupidity. Earnings of the brokerage company should be based only on the commission from the transaction and this is understandable, because most institutions charge a fee for executing the trade operations. But every fix api traderhas probably faced the spreads and slippage, which can be attributed to the hidden commissions of the brokerage company. Moreover, these “commissions” distort the financial result from the trading activities.

This distortion is even far from the truth that is in the market. For most brokerage companies provide completely irrelevant data or with a certain delay. And as you know, in order to profitably trade in the market, you should be ahead of all and get the most current information that is now available on the market.

That’s why, you should use only actual quotes. Today, it is possible together with access to the financial protocol FiX.

FiX financial protocol is a direct access to the market information. It is used by all the major institutional players of the financial market: banks, hedge funds, investment companies and so on. This tool allows you to bypass brokerage delays and extra charges, and conductfix api trading on the most favorable terms.

Some fix apiforex brokerage companies understand this need of traders and give them access to the financial protocol, but often it is accompanied with a sky-high threshold for entry. However, there are alternatives in the market in the form of software –

Fix Apiis software that supplies traders with market information in the form of quotations of absolutely all fix apiforex market’s currency pairs. This software is best suited for the work of trading algorithms, for which information relevance and accuracy plays a key role in obtaining its percentage of profitability.

Thus, I recommend you to usefix api when working with scalping strategies, where all profitability is formed by opening positions with a short hold. Ifyou take into account the spread and the delays of the brokerage companies, then the entire profitability can simply disappear because of this. Fix api will not allow this, because the speed of orders execution and market conditions allow people to circumvent these negative aspects in the work of brokerage companies.

I also recommend using this software with arbitration algorithm – For in this strategy, a mandatory condition is the search for exchange rate differences. In the conditions of forex and brokerage companies’ work that provide access to this market, you can earn directly on these delays. Thus, using fix apiyou can receive relevant information and use it for trading on the belated resources of brokerage companies.

In fact, you can use fix api for any type of trading robots, which allows you to more accurately enter the transaction and confirm the signals on the market terms, rather than on the terms of the brokerage company. In addition, fix api has obvious advantages:

  1. It allowsyou to bypass negative moments of the broker companies, about which I wrote above;
  2. It allows you to get a complete market picture, because your transactions will affect the price. Also, you will have the opportunity to learn the current open positions in the market, thereby being able to more accurately predict the further movement of assets;
  3. Use of special pending orders, which will have even more precise execution precisely according to the parameters that they contain.

Using this approach will allow you to have the most current market data in your arsenal in the fight against the market, and will also become a key tool for working in an algorithmic mode.

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Technical Triangle Pattern: how to define it?

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The financial market is cyclical; therefore, the same events are often repeated in the form of quotation movement. These patterns in our world have obtained the names “patterns”, which indicates the formation of a technical element, followed by movements in one or another direction (depending on the type of pattern). Such elements of analysis refer to the technical kind and they have dozens, or even hundreds of varieties. Such patterns are already known for more than 100 years, and each fix api trader has applied and will apply them in his trade.

As I already wrote, there are a lot of patterns that have already been confirmed by the time and the capital of exchange speculators. Today, I want to tell you about one of the most popular technical figures, namely the “triangle”.

The technical triangle pattern is a technical analysis tool that displays the movement of quotations of a financial asset in the fix apiforex market with the help of two lines stretched from consecutivedecreasing peaks and consecutivegrowing bottoms. Thus, a triangle is formed.

The operation principle of the technical pattern “triangle”

In the example above, it can be seen that the quotes of the financial asset moved in multidirectional dynamics and the upward movement was replaced by a downward trend. Thus, by setting the line on two peaks (which decrease) and setting one on the minima (which grow), we get this technical figure.

How to identify the technical “triangle” pattern

To do this, we need only 1 tool and knowledge of the principles of this element. It is not difficult to guess that this element appears when the price quotes are narrowed. Such zones are often visible. The main rule in determining this pattern is the tangency of the triangle’s boundaries 4 times: twice with decreasing peaks and twice with the growth of the bottoms. Also, a prerequisite is not the closing of quotes above the boundaries of the triangle, but within the formed pattern. It is possible to trade with such a tool only after the breakdown of one of the borders and consolidation of quotations above this level.

In order to understand in more details how to define the pattern, I propose to continue the consideration of the example.

Points 1 and 3 are descending peaks in the formed pattern, and 2 and 4 are growing minima. In this formation, it is quite easy to determine the side of breakdown. After the fourth touch, an upward wave should be expected, which for the fifth time will touch the boundary of the triangle and should be fixed above its boundary, which is clear from our example.


When I trade following this pattern, I wait for a breakdown of one of the borders (depending on the direction of the 5th point) and I expect a triple fixation above this level. If I see that the quotes have closed higher than 3 times in a row, I place a pending order at the upper boundary of the breakdown of the three candles. Thus, when the quotes are closed above my pending order, I will enter the market together with the formed trend.

The main difficulty of using this pattern in fix api trading is that the fifth point can go down sharply after touching the upper boundary and go into the sixth descending (based on our example). However, the definition of the 6th point is not a classic use of this pattern, but if you use the advice, it will guarantee you the preservation of money.

I also want to note that this pattern is perfectly combined with other technical tools and trading strategies of fix api traders. Moreover, this process can be automated and included in the settings of any trading robot, which will allow you to skip the entry points for this tool with the necessary parameters and facilitate the trader’s fate in determining this formation (

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