How to get topical quotes by trading from any broker?

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How to get topical quotes by trading from any broker?

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Today, most brokerage companies continue to do what they did more than hundred years ago, namely, to earn thanks to their customers’ stupidity. Earnings of the brokerage company should be based only on the commission from the transaction and this is understandable, because most institutions charge a fee for executing the trade operations. But every fix api traderhas probably faced the spreads and slippage, which can be attributed to the hidden commissions of the brokerage company. Moreover, these “commissions” distort the financial result from the trading activities.

This distortion is even far from the truth that is in the market. For most brokerage companies provide completely irrelevant data or with a certain delay. And as you know, in order to profitably trade in the market, you should be ahead of all and get the most current information that is now available on the market.

That’s why, you should use only actual quotes. Today, it is possible together with access to the financial protocol FiX.

FiX financial protocol is a direct access to the market information. It is used by all the major institutional players of the financial market: banks, hedge funds, investment companies and so on. This tool allows you to bypass brokerage delays and extra charges, and conductfix api trading on the most favorable terms.

Some fix apiforex brokerage companies understand this need of traders and give them access to the financial protocol, but often it is accompanied with a sky-high threshold for entry. However, there are alternatives in the market in the form of software –

Fix Apiis software that supplies traders with market information in the form of quotations of absolutely all fix apiforex market’s currency pairs. This software is best suited for the work of trading algorithms, for which information relevance and accuracy plays a key role in obtaining its percentage of profitability.

Thus, I recommend you to usefix api when working with scalping strategies, where all profitability is formed by opening positions with a short hold. Ifyou take into account the spread and the delays of the brokerage companies, then the entire profitability can simply disappear because of this. Fix api will not allow this, because the speed of orders execution and market conditions allow people to circumvent these negative aspects in the work of brokerage companies.

I also recommend using this software with arbitration algorithm – For in this strategy, a mandatory condition is the search for exchange rate differences. In the conditions of forex and brokerage companies’ work that provide access to this market, you can earn directly on these delays. Thus, using fix apiyou can receive relevant information and use it for trading on the belated resources of brokerage companies.

In fact, you can use fix api for any type of trading robots, which allows you to more accurately enter the transaction and confirm the signals on the market terms, rather than on the terms of the brokerage company. In addition, fix api has obvious advantages:

  1. It allowsyou to bypass negative moments of the broker companies, about which I wrote above;
  2. It allows you to get a complete market picture, because your transactions will affect the price. Also, you will have the opportunity to learn the current open positions in the market, thereby being able to more accurately predict the further movement of assets;
  3. Use of special pending orders, which will have even more precise execution precisely according to the parameters that they contain.

Using this approach will allow you to have the most current market data in your arsenal in the fight against the market, and will also become a key tool for working in an algorithmic mode.

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