The websites for displaying trading signals

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The websites for displaying trading signals

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Searching for the investment opportunities in the financial market is a very long process. The analysis and the prediction about the asset may occupy more time than retention of thetrading position.If we are talking about the speculation trading, then being able to make a profit in this type of trading is a hard task as well. Therefore, each fix api trader creates specific trading strategies, which speed up the investment opportunities search. The traders also look for the competent managers, who are able to control the trading risks. In order to connect these two groups, the market participant establishes special platforms, where traders demonstrate their trading results, while the investors choose the most optimal options for the investment, based on these results.

These platforms can be in a form of websites, which are developed to display trading signals. They all have a similar algorithm:

  • The trader registers the trading account in the system;
  • The trading strategy, which is used by manager is displayed on a website;
  • The investors make a decision about connection their funds to the manager’s trading based on the data;
  • There is a particular price, which should be paid monthlyfor the connection to the signal;
  • The trading operations are copied from one account to another during the month;
  • If the investor is satisfied with the results, he prolongs the subscription.

This algorithm is inherent to the most trading platforms for showing the trading signals. So, if you are looking where to place your trading strategy for the fix api market or you are searching for a competent trader then I recommend starting from this websites:

  1. MQL. This resource has a huge and useful databasefor a trader. It allows placing the accounts for further copying them. You can set your signal and make it private, which means that the results would be available only for you. You can also publish the results in future. This way the investors can analyze the statistics which contains loads of financial indicators, such as the level of drawdown, mathematical expectation, the Sharpe ratio and recovery, the ratio of profit to losses and others. The more subscribers you get and the better level of trading you provide – the higher your signal will be in the ranking.
  2. Fxsocialnet ( This platform allows to learn more about the trading as well as to track the managers’ communication with the other traders.A large list of statistical information on trade is also available here. A feature of the resource is that if you trade with a robot and publish it as a signal, then this software can be immediately sold if you wish so. It means that the investor will see the results of the algorithm work, and if he gets satisfied, there is a possibility to purchase the program.
  3.  eTorro. This website is aimed to provide an effective communication between different managers. The trade signals are given more in the form of discussions with other players, rather than as the ready-made solutions. However, there is also a possibility to connect to the fix api trader. The trader’s transactions will be duplicated directly into your trading account. The algorithm is very simple and reminds of theMQL one. However, it has its own specifications. So, this resource can perform as a broker, placing the duplicatedfunds to the managers’ accounts.

These platforms were developed for the fix api traders. They can attract additional capital, while the investors can place itthere. It also allows getting a profit in the shortest period of time for both traders and investors. It is always up to you which website you want to choose in order to copy the trading signals. The trade specification is also based according to your wish, which allows controlling the risks ( ) if you already know the level of profitability.

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