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How to automate the process of receiving trading signals?

Category : Strategy

Every trader, manager and even investor have a common goal – to diversify their capital. In view of this, the traders expand the group of assets for which fix api trading is being conducted, the managers select individual parameters for risk and money management, while the investors create correlation matrices and invest in assets of different sectors and markets. To solve this problem and to close the issue, the distribution of a part of the capital under trust management has gained popularity on the market. However, there was another side to the coin: failure to control its investments increased risks, and some traders lost investors’ capital. After that, PAMM accounts received popularity. But the more the PAMM account grew, the more the result decreased, in view of the fact that the traders are able to trade only with their capital. In my opinion, today there is an ideal way to diversify your trading and investments – the services of trading signals (

Resources, on which each financial market player can receive a ready trading recommendation from other traders, allow you to control your capital. Thus, the decision to open a trade according to the trading signal is controlled by you. To put it simply, you subscribe to receiving trading signals, you get a ready solution with an entry point and exit points from the transaction (StopLossиTakeProfit), and you already decide whether to open a deal or not.

But what to do next, if you like the signals received, and you see their positive result?

It’s simple: you should automate the process of receiving trading recommendations and simplify the process of opening trading signals as much as possible. To do this, there are both automatic resources and special programs. Today, we will consider both kinds.

Resources for Trading Automation

Such resources accumulate trading accounts in the fix apiforex market and allow you to connect your trading account to receive automatic cake signals based on your set parameters.

MQL –this is perhaps the most popular resource for trading signals presentation. On it, you can find a huge number of trading signals and on the basis of statistical data to choose the most optimal option for yourself. Also,the feature of this platform is that the process is simplified for the fix api MT4trading platform. In addition, you can set the necessary parameters for working capital, drawdowns, as well as the amount at which automatic trading will be conducted according to the signals.

1sforexsignal also allows you to automate the process of obtaining trading signals. The logic of the operation is similar to the MQL service, but here the entrance threshold is much lower, which allows expand diversification by diversifying the capital and investments.

Fxsocialnet also allows you to receive a trading signal, but directly from the trading robots. Thus, signals will not be generated by a fix api trader, but by a trading algorithm. This approach allows you to trade more stable, because the robot is not subject to emotional factors and will trade only according to the program code that is embedded in it. Moreover, on this resource, if you like the results of a trading robot, you can purchase a robot immediately, put it on your account and do not pay a monthly fee for subscription.

Special software

These software developments operate on a specific principle, but you don’t have to register on sites for them where an additional fee may be charged. For their implementation, there must be an account, on which the trade is conducted, and an account to which trading signals will be delivered.

Subscriber is a program that connects to the account and allows you to receive signals directly to the trading terminal. All you need is to click on a button that will be used to trade. There are also versions of this software that already automatically open transactions and do not require additional intervention from the trader.

MT4 copier – these are special programs installed on fix api MT4 trading terminals and copy transactions from one trading account to another. The disadvantage is that in this approach it is impossible to implement the parameters of the restriction in the form of risks and capital amount. If the amount of the deposit on your account and the one on the account where the signals come from is the same, then that’s excellent. But if there is at least a little difference, there might be problems in future.

If you automate the process of getting trading signals, and adjust their work directly to your working capital, it will allow you to improve the results of profitability not only from investments in the financial market, but also to reduce risks by diversifying your capital. The main thing to remember is that the trading signals are just one of the multiple opportunities for distributing your investments.


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Trading algorithms used by large companies

Category : Strategy

Algorithmic approach in the financial market develops more and more every year. There are new algorithms and strategies that are based on the program code, and not the perception of the traders themselves. All thanks to the large corporations in this sector. Thanks to the hedge funds, as well as to the large investment companies, the first fully-fledged automatic programs for fix api trading on the financial market were created.

A bit of history

The birth of trading robots began in the US stock market. For example, there is a small discrepancy between the values of the stock prices between the New York and Boston stock exchanges. Earlier, this delay was much longer. You may not notice it with an armed eye, not to speak about making a trade operation on it. But the trading robot can do it.

Today’s reality According to the statistics of the US Bureau, about 80% of the total volume of trading operations comes by the trading robots. This is not strange. After all, the hedge funds are much easier to pay for one-time development of an algorithmic program, rather than to pay fix api traders every month. Corporations have large resources, therefore in some of them special departments are created that are aimed directly at the development of algorithmic software. It will facilitate the receipt of passive income while not having inflated risks. There are three main types among the most popular software that market makers use in the financial market:

    • HFT trading
    • Fix apiarbitration
    • Mathematical modeling
  1. HFT trading

These algorithms are based on high-frequency trading ( , which consists in opening a large number of speculative positions in a matter of a fraction of a second. Algorithm and logic robots of this kind can be absolutely any kind and depend on the goals that the robot should achieve. So there are trading robots that are capable to conduct fix api trading with the goal at the time of stock reduction and thereby massively selling a financial asset, reducing its value.

2. Fix apiarbitration

Above, I already mentioned about the essence of this technique. Arbitration consists in trading on the basis of exchange differences between the same financial asset, but on different stock exchanges. Let’s return to the example of the New York and Boston Stock Exchanges. There are algorithms that simultaneously analyze two different trading platforms and when a discrepancy in value appears on the market, it becomes possible for the robot to complete an arbitration position.

3. Mathematical modeling

Most investment companies are engaged in forecasting both the economy as a whole and of the individual sector. To make this, they use statistical data on the basis of which the forecast is built. Mathematical models serve as an additional filter in making investment decisions, because with the help of this tool the future asset movement is predicted. This can be both forecasts of the asset value itself, as well as the financial stability of the company or the economy.

These three approaches allow large companies to always be in the game and increase profitability without additional costs. But I draw attention to the fact that some of them can be used in the fix apiforex market, in particular, the arbitration algorithm. When it is used by different platforms, brokerage companies can act, which themselves create arbitration opportunities. Thus, the trading robot will analyze the asset value on one platform, which will be considered more rapid, and also will have actual data for the more slowly platform ( Access to the fast one can be done using the fix api financial protocol. Then, the trader will have the opportunity to conduct algorithmic trading, which is used by large companies. And if this approach is used by market leaders, why do not we add it to our fix api trading?

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