Robots that do not need a regular trader support

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Robots that do not need a regular trader support

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Algorithmization of the trading process is developing every year. There are new ways of forecasting the future value of the financial asset and additional elements on the market. This approach makes it possible to significantly simplify the task of the fix api trader to avoid the constant monitoring of the market in searching for trading signals. But they still need control from the side of managers. However, not all the robots need intervention in their process and today we will talk specifically about such algorithmic strategies.

The essence of the trading robot is to automate the trading strategy in order to obtain a passive profitability in the financial market. In fact, the robot consists of a set of certain conditions that can be combined into a single sequential algorithm of actions. If it is incorrectly outlined in the code, situations of deep drawdown may arise. That is why, who exactly automated your strategy is a very important factor for the future success to be achieved in the fix api forex market.

As for the trading robots that do not need constant monitoring by the traders, I can distinguish a few algorithms of this kind:

  • Speculative scalping strategies. Due to the fact that such a strategy will trade for short time periods, they do not need much monitoring of their activities. Here, the prescribed risks in the robot play much more important role. Thus, if the strategy goes into the drawdown zone, it is better for the robot to stop its work and to notify the fix api trader of this. However, if the algorithm is working, then by fixing 20-30 points of profit every day, you will not need to interfere in this process.
  • Arbitration robots. This approach is based on trading at the time of exchange rate discrepancies between the quotes of the same financial asset, but on different stock exchanges. Given the fact that the robot is also speculative, fix api arbitration approach has no risks at all, because the purchase and sale of the asset is carried out at the highest price discrepancy and when the quotes at different platforms or fix api forex brokerage companies return to the regulatory range, several yield pips are fixed. Arbitrage robots, due to the internal whole mechanism of work, also do not need to regularly monitor their outcome ( ).
  • Your author’s trading systems. Of course, if you have your own strategy that brings profitability to you for more than a year, you can turn it into a ready-made trading robot. However, the element about which I wrote above will be important here: correctly set all the parameters and conditions in the strategy. After all, if the written code differs from your sequence of actions, the result can be completely different. But if this is all right, then you can entrust your capital to yourself, but in the form of a robot.

In addition, algorithms such as grid robots or advisers, written on the basis of Martingale’s strategy, need only additional monitoring of their activities. And if you want to use such an algorithm, you should be aware of the maximum risks of this approach, which will spend your extra time instead of the process automation.

As you can see, there are algorithms that allow people to automate the process of fix api trading. At the same time, in the future work they do not need a constant support. But there are also those that, on the contrary, will force you to monitor not the market, but directly the work of the trading robot. Therefore, I recommend choosing a scalping or fix api arbitration approach, or fully automate your trading strategy.

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