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Analysis of trading statistics. How to automate this process?

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Have any of you met the concept of Big Data? Do you know what it is? Do you agree that we live in a world of big data and corresponding identical parameters that can be divided into different databases? Personally, I agree.

Big Data is a set of methods and approaches that are used to process a huge data stream. To put it simply, this concept provides an analysis of both received data and the results for them. I believe that this approach should also be used in fix api trading. This is all about the analysis of trading itself, and not price quotes. To do this, you should have a trading strategy. In order to understand how effective it is, you have to resort to the methods of analyzing your results based on the report (statement).

Of course, all analysis of your data will depend on the strategy that you have chosen ( ). However, there are universal methods that help managers to disassemble their trading results in the fix api forex market. To do this, you first need to determine which indicators should be analyzed:

  • Mathematical expectation. It indicates whether the trading strategy is profitable in a long term. It is clear that the bigger this figure is, the better. It all depends on the system. But if this value is more than 2x for the speculative algorithms and more than 10 for the long-term transactions, then this will be an excellent result.
  • Recovery factor. It demonstrates how quickly the strategy comes out of the drawdown. For example, if the recovery factor is 2, the fix api trader leaves drawdown for a long time. But if it is 15, then his strategy in the drawdowns is not delayed.
  • Profit factor. It indicates at the profitability of using the trading strategy and its ability to create a profit. I recommend that this indicator is taken into account as a ratio of SL to TP. If the value is 3, then the trader fixes an average profit of 3 times more than the fixation of the loss. If the value is 0.5, this indicator indicates at an almost identical ratio of the closing levels of the transaction.
  • A relative and absolute drawdown. It is necessary to understand in what percentage and cash equivalent the trading strategy of the manager was lowered.

This is only part of what can be identified among the indicators of trade. Most of them are rather complicated. Since the data for analysis is constantly updated, due to all new trading operations, this process can and should be automated. Of course, you can create your own database in Access or Excel, but I recommend you to use third-party resources.

If you use a trading robot, it’s best to connect its trading results . Also, the robot can be connected to Mql or Myfxbook. This will allow you to see all the dynamics of the trading operations, even by months of work, all the indicators listed above, as well as a description of their trading. The results will be updated online.

I see no point in analyzing the profitability in the fix api trading analysis. It is much better and more effective to look at all your trading from the side to understand what caused such a low or high rate of return.

If you are trading on the stock market, for sure you take into account the company’s reporting figures, right? So your reporting is the statement of transactions in the fix api MT4. And if you interpret the indicators that we examined above, you will be able to find out your strengths as well as weaknesses.

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