How to create a trading robot without programming knowledge

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How to create a trading robot without programming knowledge

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Sooner or later each trader understands that it is critical to trade in the financial market, considering the long-term perspective. It is a correct assumption. Having a large capital is similarly important. After all, intraday speculation would become boring, as it does not bear the same potential for profitability as an investment. Then quite a logical question apprises: how can a typical fix api trader stay in the financial market and continue to earn having a small capital? The answer to this question exists in the form of the trading robots.

The trading robot is a sequential action algorithm that is based on the manager’s trading strategy. In other words, the robot precisely repeats all your manual trading operations. However, now you wouldn’t need to spend time for the market and financial asset analysis. The automation of the trading process has developed so high that all the operations are accompanied and tracked by the algorithm and the ordinary trader turns into a passive investor. The robots are also able to control the risks and have a high-profit potential. It makes them indispensable tools in the trading on fix api forex market. (

However, the next question arises: how to automate your trading strategy?

There are three logical options for obtaining an automatic algorithm:

  1. To buy ready-to-use software, depending on its work results in the real market as well as the trading indicators. However, this option is not suitable for someone who wants to automate their strategy.
  2. To order a software development. This is the most optimal and widely used option.
  3. To write an algorithm yourself. You may consider it unreal because you need to be familiar with the programming software. Nevertheless, most of the fix api traders choose this option as nobody will write down your trading strategy and set all the optimal parameters better than you.

Today, you do not need to be a programmer in addition to being a trader, because there are many resources that allow you to design trading robots without the knowledge of programming.

These resources are the constructors for the trading strategies, in which you can write down your algorithm divided into logical blocks and elements. In order to cope with these constructors you just need to know the logic of trading indicators. Also, if you already have your own strategy, this would not be a problem.

Let’s look at the following example to understand the logic of the constructors’ work better.

The trading strategy is based on the combination of indicators MA, AO and RSI ( The transactions would be opened if all the following parameters are met:

  1. The quotes should be higher MA if we are buying the asset and lower if we sell it;
  2. The AO histograms must be above the balance line for the purchases and below the balance line for the sales;
  3. The RSI should also be in a range of up to 50 for purchases and above 50 for sales;
  4. The risk per trade is 1%.

Then it is necessary to write down these parameters into the constructor. Select the technical indicator MA in the first block and set the “purchase if the price is higher/sell if the price is lower.” Add a subsequent chain of actions to the “add condition” parameter. I mean the other indicators. That’s all. The final point is to set the risk parameters for the transaction and eventually you will receive the ready-made software in the form of a trading robot, which can be tested in the strategy tester of fix api MT4.

Talking about these strategy constructors, here you are a couple of options to choose from:


Therefore, you don’t need to learn the programming language fix api C ++ in order to create your own automatic approach. Using these constructors, you would be able to create your own robot for the automatic trading and turn monotonous operations into a passive source of income.

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