Social trading is used by the modern traders

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Social trading is used by the modern traders

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Social trading is a new direction in the modern world of financial markets. If earlier information on working with financial assets was hidden, today, thanks to the social networks and personalization of trading, every exchange speculator is ready to share his work results. Beginners now have the opportunity to pick up new knowledge for themselves, and experienced players can get an additional source of income by duplicating their trading signals in the fix api forex market. Thud, a trader who has a strategy can turn into a manager and provide ready solutions to his investors at the expense of financial payments for a subscription. Thus, I would single out several sites for automatic copying of signals from one trading account to another:

  1. Signals on the MQL website;
  2. 1sforexsignal (;;
  3. Forexsocialnet;
  4. eToro.

Duplicating trading signals is not the only advantage of the social fix api trading. If you yourself trade in the market and need additional advice on some asset, the trader always has the opportunity to ask about it from the other market players. Thus, by communicating on special forums or blogs, the trader gets quite different opinions regarding the future movement of the financial assets.

In turn, I recommend not only asking other market players for their opinion, but also sharing your own. Only such a joint network will allow us to form a single community of traders aimed at a positive financial result.


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