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If you are interested in forex market then you have probably seen various forex robots advertisements many times. The newbies, who lack experience can assume, that it is enough to simply download and install such trading robot. They consider that after the installation the robot would do all the work instead of them. Even though there are many different free trading robots online, it is still crucial to understand if you would get desirable results from them or not.

Firstly, you should analyze the basic algorithms and principles of forex trading to use your robot to the full.

Forex robots are the computer programs, which were designed for the most popular trading platform  Metatrader 4. They are trading your money following special settings and instructions. In other words, they are buying or selling currencies in case of the favorable environment on the foreign exchange market. They are doing it in accordance with the indexes of certain indicators and following strictly specified parameters.

By working with forex trading robot you automatically trust your money to it. So better use a thoughtful approach and don’t download a free robot from an unknown trading forum, especially if it is actively advertised.

Why are some forex robots paid, while others – free? The automatic systems are mainly developed to meet two primary needs. The first group of robots is used for the personal use, while the second – for meeting commercial goals.

It means that most of the robots that are available of different resources are just unsuccessful experiments, which didn’t meet the developer’s expectations. On the other hand, those robots, which work well and bring good profit are usually sold or used in personal trading. Nobody wants to share their successful ideas for free. That’s why paid versions of trading robots are more reliable and trustworthy, while free versions are too risky.

Read the reviews and talk with the traders, who use automatic systems successfully or buy a couple of robots and test them yourself. This way you would have a clear picture and understanding which robot works for your strategy best.

Find out more information on this topic here:

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What are the Forex trading robots?

Category : Robots

Forex robot is a unique trading platform, which is working 24 hours a day and 5 days a week (from Monday to Friday). Significant market players and speculators are trading non-stop. However, it is an unrealistic task for a trader to trade 5 days in a row or manage 5 trading sessions one by one. Still, there is a comprehensive solution that was developed by etf traders in a world of information technologies. This is a trading robot.

So what are the trading robots, which are also called “the trading advisors”?

A trading robot is an algorithm of the particular actions on the forex market. Basically, the robot is a program that makes decisions based on the parameters which were installed into it. The trading system is a perfect robot algorithm. In simple words – the robot automatically does the trading for a trader.

It is an artificial intelligence that actually works for you.

Forex differs from the other markets (stock and commodity ones) by the increased volatility. That is why scalping robots are the most common type used in the forex market. There are different kinds of the algorithmic systems, so you should pay attention to the key features while choosing a forex robot.

What do you need to pay attention to while choosing a forex robot?

-The type of transactions (scalping, day trading, position trading);

-The algorithm of transactions (trading system or a set of indicators);

– Parameters of maximum drawdown set in the algorithm;

– Mathematical expectations of robot performance;

– The volume of trading.

Worth mentioning, that the trading robot you choose would play an important role in the profitability of investments and would directly affect the further financial results of the trader. If you buy ineffective robot you would not only spend the money but also investment funds, which would be managed by the robot. Therefore, you should be sure in a trading robot you choose.

How to choose robots for the work on forex market correctly?

There is a list of criteria which you should investigate, to choose the robot for the work on forex market.

  1. Check the financial criteria data and the trading operations statistics. Also pay attention to the key indicators, such as drawdown, the rate of return, recovery factor and profit factor. Positive indicators would guarantee getting profit from trading.
  2. Find out if there is an optimization tool in the trading robot. Forex market is changing very fast and currency pairs change their trends rapidly. Your robot should be able to adjust to the trends and optimize itself to the market conditions.
  3. Check the results of the robot’s work for its current clients. Besides statistics, there are also trading results, represented in the client’s accounts. They should be also examined. After you investigate the reviews about the profitability you can make final a decision whether or not purchase a forex robot.

Trading robots allow the traders to save their time by providing the market analysis and the search of the prospective transactions.  Robots are doing all these operations instead of a trader and work the full trading session. It means that trading robots are able to conduct an analysis of almost any currency pair and decide on the purchase or selling, based on the implemented algorithm. This allows increasing the potential of profitable trades and profitability.

According to the data of the US stock market, 80% of the trade operations are made by robots. This number can be much higher, considering the high volatility of the forex market and the big amount of time needed to access it. Large players of the forex market, such as banks and hedge funds use trading robots that can demonstrate a return of more than 1000% per annum. Of course, such robots are not available for public, but the development of this trading segment allows you to find or create a forex robot which would bring a positive result.

There are many types of trading robots. Here is the list of the most commonly used ones, however, there are more:

  1. Scalping
  2. Volume
  3. Grid
  4. Indicator
  5. News

Therefore, these robot types correspond to different trading strategies, which are based on various parameters. So, the first step to get familiar with forex trading robots would be to check their relevant reviews.

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Why should a trader track the trade of his competitors?

Category : Strategy

Trading in the financial markets implies the constant search of the investment opportunities and tracking the current market trends. The manager should do it on a regular basis. It is a normal process that should be done throughout the time. Also, the manager should know about the competitors’ actions. It is a crucial condition in order to achieve the desired results. Also, it is important because a financial market is a unified platform, where all the players perform. So, if you would be aware of the competitors’ actions beforehand, you would operate more efficiently.

There are various platforms, which are dedicated to the different traders’ communication as well as tracing their trading process if they show their results. Anyone, even your colleague, can be your competitor in fix api trading as soon as you commit different trading operations. Therefore you should always be familiar with and track the most traders’ thoughts.

Of course, it is not necessary to track every statement on or publication of poorly-known managers. On the other hand, the opinion leaders’ predictions are very useful for you. They serve as a valuable tool for the further exchange transactions execution. Almost the entire market follows the opinion leaders. Let’s be honest. If Buffet gives the advice to purchase some valuable papers, you would most likely follow it, right? Moreover, you would not only invest your entire capital in it but also engage your colleagues and friends to do the same.

So, where can the one find the other market players’ opinions? First of all, I want to emphasize a couple of platforms, which you can use for this need or even make your personal account there.

  1. The social networks. Nowadays the social media marketing has expanded beyond any expectations. Each company has its own profile or a company’s page which you can follow online. Some famous traders also have their social media pages and you can follow them as well.
  2. The personal blogs. If the owner feels good about sharing a personal opinion or some predictions, then there is a personal website or blog. It collects the entire information, dedicated to the trader’s experience. You can check it out a couple of times a week to find out if a trader takes a bull or a bear approach.
  3. The websites, which are aimed to connect the traders and market participants on one platform.  Such websites allow to lead an effective networking as well as communicate with other fix api traders and representatives of brokerage or investment companies. Often there is a possibility to publish your trading account to demonstrate the trading results on such platforms. It allows you to attract the new investors and analyze trading results of other players. Fxsocialnet ( is one of such resources.
  4. The forums. Perhaps, it is one of the first and large-scale resources for the traders’ communication. Forums are kind of a database, which contains a lot of useful information and would be suitable for both newbies and professionals.

I do not reject the fact that each trader has to have a trading strategy to be able to complete trading operations on fix api forex market. On the contrary, I encourage everyone to create it, if you don’t have one yet. A clear trading algorithm lets you know at what prices it is necessary to open trading transactions, and when it is better to close them. The system represents how you see the market. So, monitoring how the others see it can be a confirming or refuting factor in making an investment decision. Moreover, you would be able to analyze how another trader makes predictions and compare his prognosis to your own one. Only then you can commit any actions.

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How to create a trading robot without programming knowledge

Category : Robots

Sooner or later each trader understands that it is critical to trade in the financial market, considering the long-term perspective. It is a correct assumption. Having a large capital is similarly important. After all, intraday speculation would become boring, as it does not bear the same potential for profitability as an investment. Then quite a logical question apprises: how can a typical fix api trader stay in the financial market and continue to earn having a small capital? The answer to this question exists in the form of the trading robots.

The trading robot is a sequential action algorithm that is based on the manager’s trading strategy. In other words, the robot precisely repeats all your manual trading operations. However, now you wouldn’t need to spend time for the market and financial asset analysis. The automation of the trading process has developed so high that all the operations are accompanied and tracked by the algorithm and the ordinary trader turns into a passive investor. The robots are also able to control the risks and have a high-profit potential. It makes them indispensable tools in the trading on fix api forex market. (

However, the next question arises: how to automate your trading strategy?

There are three logical options for obtaining an automatic algorithm:

  1. To buy ready-to-use software, depending on its work results in the real market as well as the trading indicators. However, this option is not suitable for someone who wants to automate their strategy.
  2. To order a software development. This is the most optimal and widely used option.
  3. To write an algorithm yourself. You may consider it unreal because you need to be familiar with the programming software. Nevertheless, most of the fix api traders choose this option as nobody will write down your trading strategy and set all the optimal parameters better than you.

Today, you do not need to be a programmer in addition to being a trader, because there are many resources that allow you to design trading robots without the knowledge of programming.

These resources are the constructors for the trading strategies, in which you can write down your algorithm divided into logical blocks and elements. In order to cope with these constructors you just need to know the logic of trading indicators. Also, if you already have your own strategy, this would not be a problem.

Let’s look at the following example to understand the logic of the constructors’ work better.

The trading strategy is based on the combination of indicators MA, AO and RSI ( The transactions would be opened if all the following parameters are met:

  1. The quotes should be higher MA if we are buying the asset and lower if we sell it;
  2. The AO histograms must be above the balance line for the purchases and below the balance line for the sales;
  3. The RSI should also be in a range of up to 50 for purchases and above 50 for sales;
  4. The risk per trade is 1%.

Then it is necessary to write down these parameters into the constructor. Select the technical indicator MA in the first block and set the “purchase if the price is higher/sell if the price is lower.” Add a subsequent chain of actions to the “add condition” parameter. I mean the other indicators. That’s all. The final point is to set the risk parameters for the transaction and eventually you will receive the ready-made software in the form of a trading robot, which can be tested in the strategy tester of fix api MT4.

Talking about these strategy constructors, here you are a couple of options to choose from:


Therefore, you don’t need to learn the programming language fix api C ++ in order to create your own automatic approach. Using these constructors, you would be able to create your own robot for the automatic trading and turn monotonous operations into a passive source of income.

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Currency Arbitrage and Ways of Its Implementation on Forex

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We all know the popular postulate of each trader: “the market has the property of repeating itself.” This postulate can be applied to the elements of analysis. The Dow Theory is still in a great demand and is still used today. The absolute majority of trailers and including me use the practical recommendations described in it.

Similar to the given practical recommendations, there are trading approaches in the financial market that have been working for several years and bring good interest rates to their fix api traders. Fix api arbitration can safely be referred to these systems.

Arbitrage is a type of trading strategy, the methodology of which is to open a pair of transactions (for purchase and sale) on the same stock exchanges for the same financial instrument. At a time when the price of the financial asset is an inherent time lag, where the value of the same asset may slightly differ, it is necessary to make two transactions simultaneously: a purchase at a cheaper price and a sale at a higher one. This exchange rate difference in the form of a spread will be your net profit, which was achieved absolutely without risks, because you do not care about which way the price will go further.

For a long time, arbitrage was used exclusively on the stock or commodity exchanges because the currency market does not imply a difference in the quotes. However, due to the appearance of a huge number of fix api forex brokers, this type of trading became available for this market, too. It’s all about the broker’s spreads and exchange rates, which causes the exchange rate difference between the different brokerage platforms ( ).

Of course, if we speak for the currency market, it is the most volatile and implementing the arbitration approach in a manual mode is an unrealistic task. While you want to make a fix api arbitrage deal, the price can significantly deviate and the arbitrage situation will be exhausted. To solve this problem, it is necessary to use auxiliary software, which will constantly analyze and, in case of arbitration, open at the time of the transaction.

The more the Internet technology is developed, the more algorithmic programs for implementation of fix api trading appeared. Thus, there are two different methods of currency arbitration today:

  1. Fix api Latency Arbitrage: this approach consists in the fact that the robot will monitor two completely different trading platforms. However, the trading operation itself is performed only in one broker. To do this, you need to determine which broker provides quotes more quickly, and which is slower. Proceeding from this logic, the trading operation should be made on the side of the slower one changing of the faster broker. Some robots trade by comparing quotes to a prime broker through fix api, which makes the algorithm more resilient to volatility and reduces the risks;
  2. Fix api 2-leg Arbitrage: this kind is similar to the previous one, but it differs in the fact that the transaction takes place immediately on two platforms. Thus, it does not matter what fix api forex broker delivers quotes more quickly, but which is slower. The main thing is the existence of an arbitration situation, in which multidirectional trading operations are carried out ( ).

Each kind has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the use of each of them guarantees receipt of passive income through the automation of the trading process. Moreover, taking into account the algorithm and logic of this principle, the formation of profitability from arbitration takes place with minimal possible risks or even with their total absence.

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Analysis of trading statistics. How to automate this process?

Category : Software

Have any of you met the concept of Big Data? Do you know what it is? Do you agree that we live in a world of big data and corresponding identical parameters that can be divided into different databases? Personally, I agree.

Big Data is a set of methods and approaches that are used to process a huge data stream. To put it simply, this concept provides an analysis of both received data and the results for them. I believe that this approach should also be used in fix api trading. This is all about the analysis of trading itself, and not price quotes. To do this, you should have a trading strategy. In order to understand how effective it is, you have to resort to the methods of analyzing your results based on the report (statement).

Of course, all analysis of your data will depend on the strategy that you have chosen ( ). However, there are universal methods that help managers to disassemble their trading results in the fix api forex market. To do this, you first need to determine which indicators should be analyzed:

  • Mathematical expectation. It indicates whether the trading strategy is profitable in a long term. It is clear that the bigger this figure is, the better. It all depends on the system. But if this value is more than 2x for the speculative algorithms and more than 10 for the long-term transactions, then this will be an excellent result.
  • Recovery factor. It demonstrates how quickly the strategy comes out of the drawdown. For example, if the recovery factor is 2, the fix api trader leaves drawdown for a long time. But if it is 15, then his strategy in the drawdowns is not delayed.
  • Profit factor. It indicates at the profitability of using the trading strategy and its ability to create a profit. I recommend that this indicator is taken into account as a ratio of SL to TP. If the value is 3, then the trader fixes an average profit of 3 times more than the fixation of the loss. If the value is 0.5, this indicator indicates at an almost identical ratio of the closing levels of the transaction.
  • A relative and absolute drawdown. It is necessary to understand in what percentage and cash equivalent the trading strategy of the manager was lowered.

This is only part of what can be identified among the indicators of trade. Most of them are rather complicated. Since the data for analysis is constantly updated, due to all new trading operations, this process can and should be automated. Of course, you can create your own database in Access or Excel, but I recommend you to use third-party resources.

If you use a trading robot, it’s best to connect its trading results . Also, the robot can be connected to Mql or Myfxbook. This will allow you to see all the dynamics of the trading operations, even by months of work, all the indicators listed above, as well as a description of their trading. The results will be updated online.

I see no point in analyzing the profitability in the fix api trading analysis. It is much better and more effective to look at all your trading from the side to understand what caused such a low or high rate of return.

If you are trading on the stock market, for sure you take into account the company’s reporting figures, right? So your reporting is the statement of transactions in the fix api MT4. And if you interpret the indicators that we examined above, you will be able to find out your strengths as well as weaknesses.

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A Simple Scalping Trading Strategy

Category : Software

Today, effective trading consists in how fast you can react to the smallest changes in the market. This indicator is very important in formation of speculative yield, because the markets have become more liquid and volatile, and the period of “cheap money” has been going on for more than 10 years. Every fix api trader must adjust to the current market situation and have in his arsenal several tools in the form of scalping trading strategies ( ).

Scalping is a kind of speculative trading, which consists in opening trading positions for a short time, which can be only a few seconds. This trading strategy requires high market volatility, which can be caused by a news background or by the presence of a number of trading signals ( ). Typically, this approach is implemented with the help of trading robots, which help fix api trader in his search for these moments.

So, we already understood that the scalping requires a news background, which will create an increased reaction in the fix api forex market, as well as the presence of strong trading signals. Already knowing this, you can create a simple scalping strategy. To do this, we divide them into two types:

  1. News scalping;
  2. Signal scalping;

News scalping

This type consists in opening of speculative positions at the time of publication of the fundamental indicators and other macroeconomic data. When the movement of the market is not normal in the form of increased volatility, the scalping trading robot can speculate on this by opening a series of transactions for both buying and selling. As a matter of fact, it is a news robot, but after all, it works in such a scenario. A more complicated algorithm will consist in a directly analysis of the data obtained and, based on this information, in opening transactions for purchase and sale of the financial asset.

Signal scalping

This is the most popular form of algorithmic scalping approach, which is used by the absolute majority of exchange speculators. The essence is very simple – you have to open transactions for purchase or sale only at the moment when all the trading signals are triggered. I focus on the fact that the most effective will be the application of 3-4 signals. Do not create a huge amount of analysis of different patterns and technical indicators. On the contrary, this can cause belated signals. It does not matter on the basis of which tools it will be implemented. Each manager determines this parameter. The main thing is that it was a working tool. The most important is the creation of qualitative risk and money management rules so that the robot can monitor these parameters and not go beyond the established percentage of risk.

Proceeding from this, it is possible to single out the key advantages and disadvantages of the scalping strategy.


  • Yield is formed thanks to the number of opened deals;
  • Short retention of the positions does not cause a deep drawdown and, as a consequence, it retains the risks;
  • It allows to combine this approach with the other strategies due to the differences in the internal logic of the work, as well as the time period.


  • It can be accompanied by a large number of unprofitable positions, therefore, the intervention of the fix api trader is necessary to control the risks;
  • No long-working algorithms that need to be constantly automated and as a consequence the robot cannot fully operate in a regular automatic mode;
  • Speculative trading is accompanied by minimal trading indicators.

These two simple types of scalping trading systems are quite easy to use in the financial market, and also to implement in the form of an algorithmic approach. I would not single out this approach as the main one in the work of the manager on the financial market, because the main yield is formed on large trends and timeframes. However, as an instrument for diversifying my trading, I think that the trading robot should be based on a speculative algorithm.

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Robots that do not need a regular trader support

Category : Robots

Algorithmization of the trading process is developing every year. There are new ways of forecasting the future value of the financial asset and additional elements on the market. This approach makes it possible to significantly simplify the task of the fix api trader to avoid the constant monitoring of the market in searching for trading signals. But they still need control from the side of managers. However, not all the robots need intervention in their process and today we will talk specifically about such algorithmic strategies.

The essence of the trading robot is to automate the trading strategy in order to obtain a passive profitability in the financial market. In fact, the robot consists of a set of certain conditions that can be combined into a single sequential algorithm of actions. If it is incorrectly outlined in the code, situations of deep drawdown may arise. That is why, who exactly automated your strategy is a very important factor for the future success to be achieved in the fix api forex market.

As for the trading robots that do not need constant monitoring by the traders, I can distinguish a few algorithms of this kind:

  • Speculative scalping strategies. Due to the fact that such a strategy will trade for short time periods, they do not need much monitoring of their activities. Here, the prescribed risks in the robot play much more important role. Thus, if the strategy goes into the drawdown zone, it is better for the robot to stop its work and to notify the fix api trader of this. However, if the algorithm is working, then by fixing 20-30 points of profit every day, you will not need to interfere in this process.
  • Arbitration robots. This approach is based on trading at the time of exchange rate discrepancies between the quotes of the same financial asset, but on different stock exchanges. Given the fact that the robot is also speculative, fix api arbitration approach has no risks at all, because the purchase and sale of the asset is carried out at the highest price discrepancy and when the quotes at different platforms or fix api forex brokerage companies return to the regulatory range, several yield pips are fixed. Arbitrage robots, due to the internal whole mechanism of work, also do not need to regularly monitor their outcome ( ).
  • Your author’s trading systems. Of course, if you have your own strategy that brings profitability to you for more than a year, you can turn it into a ready-made trading robot. However, the element about which I wrote above will be important here: correctly set all the parameters and conditions in the strategy. After all, if the written code differs from your sequence of actions, the result can be completely different. But if this is all right, then you can entrust your capital to yourself, but in the form of a robot.

In addition, algorithms such as grid robots or advisers, written on the basis of Martingale’s strategy, need only additional monitoring of their activities. And if you want to use such an algorithm, you should be aware of the maximum risks of this approach, which will spend your extra time instead of the process automation.

As you can see, there are algorithms that allow people to automate the process of fix api trading. At the same time, in the future work they do not need a constant support. But there are also those that, on the contrary, will force you to monitor not the market, but directly the work of the trading robot. Therefore, I recommend choosing a scalping or fix api arbitration approach, or fully automate your trading strategy.

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Safe arbitration robot for the forex market: a myth or reality?

Category : Robots

Today, the modern trader’s arsenal consists in a huge number of auxiliary and automatic tools that allow him to optimize his fix api trading. These tools can be different asset analysis techniques and algorithmic programs. It all depends on the trading strategy that is used by the trader.

However, no matter how profitable a trading strategy is, its result can be improved by diversifying the trade. Personally, I reach this parameter when distributing my investment capital between the trading robot that trades using absolutely another method, and also directly by its trading strategy.

Why is it worth to use a robot based on a different approach of analyzing the financial instrument?

Everything is very simple. If you use an algorithm that has the same operating principle or is based on the same indicators as your strategy, then the trading signals will intersect. Crossing signals is the first sign of low diversification or even of its absence, because if you get a loss in your position, then the robot will also show a decrease in yield. To achieve this figure, I recommend using speculative algorithms that have short-term position holding parameters. In this case, you will have a minimal correlation with your strategy for the fix api forex market.

Today, I would like to consider one of the methodologies, which probably differs from your strategy, because it is almost impossible to perform it in a manual mode. Moreover, this approach is the most popular in HFT trading. We are talking about a fix api arbitration algorithm.

Arbitration is based on the performance of trading transactions due to exchange rate differences between an identical asset on different stock exchanges. This algorithm has a speculative nature, because according to its strategy, the trading robot must simultaneously analyze the same asset, but on different trading accounts or sites and in case of divergence of quotations, to make a deal depending on the direction of the market and the asset on a more relevant site.

However, the complexity of applying the arbitration principle is that if you analyze the assets of the stock market, it is enough to conduct an analysis on different exchanges (for example, the New York and Chicago one). But the fix api forex market is inherently one big platform, on which the trade is actually conducted. In view of this, most people had a question: how to trade on the exchange rate difference on one site?

Here the brokerage companies play a key role, which by their margins and markups ( ) actually create exchange rate discrepancies and thereby all the necessary conditions for the arbitration fix api trading. If earlier this approach was really mythical for the forex market, today, with the help of modern technologies, arbitrage has become a reality.

How is arbitrage trading implemented in the forex market?

In order to implement arbitration, you will need two separate trading accounts, in which, in fact, analysis and trade will be conducted. To do this, you need to determine on which site the quotes come in more quickly and have the most relevant information. To solve this problem, you can use fix api . This software allows you to connect directly to the financial protocol and receive the most update information without delay in the fix api forex brokerage companies. If you implement arbitrage in this way, you do not need to define a fast and slow broker. Therefore, without hesitation, open a trading account in a quality broker, on which to install a trading robot. In turn, the robot will view the value of currency pairs through the fix fix protocol and will compare them with the quotes on the brokerage site. The value with fix api will be taken as “true” and if there is a discrepancy given in the points, the robot will open speculative deals towards the more rapid data. Thus, a lot of speculative transactions are carried out and a great potential for profitability is formed. Yet, this approach does not have a risk indicator.

As you can see, this approach allows the trader to have a more diversified principle of the transaction, which reduces the risks to your investment capital and confirms the effectiveness and validity of the arbitration principle.

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Trading signals: from indicators to algorithms

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How do you make a decision to buy or sell a financial asset? Probably, you have an algorithm that helps you make the right choice, haven’t you? That strategy, which indicates the time of entering the market, what volume you need to enter the transaction, and also how long to hold it. To put it simply, the trading strategy should tell you where exactly you need to open a long position, and where to open a short one. Usually,these “instructions” are called trading signals.

Trading signals are the final filters in the trading strategy that indicate the triggering of all necessary conditions in your trading strategy and notify you of the best investment opportunities. They can be implemented with the help of alerts, warning systems to the mobile device or special programs.

Trading signals, as I wrote above, can be realized with the help of automatic systems. If your trading strategy is based on technical indicators, itwill not be very difficult to realize the signal in the form of an automatic panel. In that case, all the signals of the fix api trader will be displaied in one place and if desired he can filter them for reliability based on the current trend.

Panels for displaying signals are very popular today in the market, because it allows you to look at it and in a matter of a few seconds to understand what is the situation on the market and where to open deals. There is also a possibility of automatic operation of some panels. Thus, they will work as trading robots, making trading operations in the fix apiforex market without additional intervention of the trader.

However, in order to compose a trading panel or form an effective methodology for a trading strategy, you should know what trading signals exist, with what tools they are identified and how they should be interpreted for effective trading.

For this purpose,I propose you to review several key trading signals that the absolute majority of players use in their fix api trading:

  • Reversal signals. As a rule, this group is formed with the help of patterns to which both reversal bars and combinations in the form of harami can refer I recommend these signals to be taken into account when opening deals with a minimum amount. If after the opening the deals on the basis of reversal combinations, other signals are generated that confirm their dynamics, it is possible to search for additional signals for entering the market.
  • Divergence. Quite a popular trading signal, which helps the manager to determine correctional zones within the trend, in order to fix profits and in the future to re-open the position. This signal is formed on the basis of the indicator’s values (the main ones are: MACD, Awesome Oscillator, RSI), as well as the quotes of the asset. So, if the quotes increase, and the indicator’svalue decreases, then this is a signal to possible correction down. If, on the contrary, the quotations are reduced and the indicator’svalue grows, we should expect correction upwards.
  • Level breakdown. Breakdown is one of the strategies for working in the fix apiforex market using level analysis. This signal indicates the trader that the market is set to follow the trend and also goes into a new phase. Therefore, with such signals, I recommend you to find another 2-3 signals confirming the trend and enter when the breakdown of the local maximum/minimum or fractal zone is repeated (
  • Signals from the indicators. Here, you can list a lot of different combinations and groups of indicators. But I think you can cope with this task independently checking the Internet. I isolated these signals in a separate block, since they can be the same confirming filters for other trading signals.

Undoubtedly, it is impossible to unite all the trading signals that I brought above into a single trading strategy. However, if you can expand your strategy by logical continuation in the form of data for trading signals, this will enable you to avoid false entries into the market and increase the investment capital.

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