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Is it worth to duplicate the trading signals of successful traders?

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Many novice traders are wondering whether it is worth duplicating successful traders’ deals or conduct fix api trading by themselves, relying only on their own knowledge and skills. On the one hand, it is not so easy do the novice traders to understand everything right away and start earning in any stock market, like fix api forex. On the other hand, the most successful trader can go bankrupt, and history knows many such cases. But let’s look at this step by step.

Those who are just starting their way into the fix api trading often do not understand how everything is arranged from the inside: they do not have experience in trading and they do not feel the market. Then a question arises: can I earn money on the same forex, while I not yet learned to trade on my own?

Yes, there is such a possibility. You just need to repeat the transactions of the experienced fix api traders ( ).  At the same time, you do not need to give your money to anyone. The control over trade remains only in your hands.

Now the trend of an experienced trader to offer distribution of his trading signals is quite popular. In fact, a novice trader simply pays a certain amount, which is assigned by the chosen professional trader, and he in turn transfers information about what transactions he concludes. There are also some free options for duplicating signals, but everyone decides for himself which option to choose.

Let’s see, whose transactions should be repeated at the fix api forex?

Now there are quite a lot of people who pretend to be a “pro”, but actually they are not. They get more benefit from the fact that they sign people for their recommendations, while they themselves often do not trade. In this regard, you need to be extremely careful when choosing a trader whose trading signals to duplicate.

When the trading signals of successful traders are duplicated, there are both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of duplicating the trading signals:

– To start trading you do not need to undergo additional training. All that is necessary is to set a goal and analyze the charts in order to understand who of the known traders is the most successful. Sometimes, you can request this information from your fix api forex broker.

– Copying the trading signals is quite easy and convenient, using special trading terminals, such as MetaTrader 4 (often called fix api MT4), which, thanks to its wide range of graphic tools, allows you to copy trading signals in an automatic mode, which gives you the opportunity to do your own activities and receive passive income.

– Copying the trading signals is a great opportunity for additional free training or for a relatively small amount of money. After all, by watching the trading process of experienced traders, you have an excellent opportunity to analyze what kind of transactions they make, when they finish the transaction and how they exit it. If you study a theory along with this, you can get invaluable experience that will help you in your further independent trading.

– An important plus is that when you copy the trading signals of a successful trader, you will get a profit that can exceed by multiple times your profit, if you have traded by yourself. But do not forget that the higher the potential income, the higher the risk level.

Disadvantages of duplicating the trading signals:

– You do not answer and you cannot influence the final result of the transaction. This can result in significant risks if the trader whose signals you started to duplicate turned out to not be competent, or he started a “bad luck” in fix api trading. In this case, you risk burning out by following him. In such a case, it is often very difficult to correct the situation, if something went wrong.

– As we wrote above, even the most intelligent and successful trader cannot take into account some risks and go bankrupt. Certainly, you will get no guarantees that this will not happen at the time when you star duplicating his trading signals.

– When duplicating trading signals, you do not get practical experience in trading. Yes, you will get theoretical knowledge how to trade, and you will be able to track the signs that a successful trader uses, but that does not mean that you will be able to successfully trade independently on any market, and the fix api forex is no exception.

If you decided to duplicate signals of successful traders, we recommend that you consider working through the MT4trading terminal, which allows you to automatically copy the trading operations of selected traders, while this happens in a real time.

As we have already said, many traders share their operations in the forex market on a free or paid basis and become providers of the signal.

Using a wide range of graphic tools, you can configure the terminal so that it gives you priority trading signals at the top.

At the same time, MT4 allows you to see, select and subscribe to the trader you are interested in directly from the trading terminal.

For the fix api traders with experience, showing their trading signals is a great opportunity for additional income.

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Social trading is used by the modern traders

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Social trading is a new direction in the modern world of financial markets. If earlier information on working with financial assets was hidden, today, thanks to the social networks and personalization of trading, every exchange speculator is ready to share his work results. Beginners now have the opportunity to pick up new knowledge for themselves, and experienced players can get an additional source of income by duplicating their trading signals in the fix api forex market. Thud, a trader who has a strategy can turn into a manager and provide ready solutions to his investors at the expense of financial payments for a subscription. Thus, I would single out several sites for automatic copying of signals from one trading account to another:

  1. Signals on the MQL website;
  2. 1sforexsignal (;;
  3. Forexsocialnet;
  4. eToro.

Duplicating trading signals is not the only advantage of the social fix api trading. If you yourself trade in the market and need additional advice on some asset, the trader always has the opportunity to ask about it from the other market players. Thus, by communicating on special forums or blogs, the trader gets quite different opinions regarding the future movement of the financial assets.

In turn, I recommend not only asking other market players for their opinion, but also sharing your own. Only such a joint network will allow us to form a single community of traders aimed at a positive financial result.


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Brokerage companies nowadays

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Brokerage companies throughout their history played against their investors and in particular traders. Additional margins, marginal terms and increased commissions were established when certain conditions were met. The prohibitions of the brokerage companies for using standard and commonly accessible trading only arouse indignation on the part of professional market participants. Constant proceedings regarding the contracts that can change while you trade, environments and slips that reduce the financial results, as well as bans on the use of algorithmic strategies make traders look for a better quality broker, which is not so easy to find

I propose you to consider the aspects that brokerage companies use today: 

  1. Spread. Some fix api forex brokers set an additional mark-up on the currency pairs thereby widening the price difference between purchases and sales. Thus, this difference will be the income of the brokerage company and not the received profit of the trader.
  2. Slippage. Similarly, and by the first moment, slippage reduces the financial result from the trading operation. The given process occurs at the moment of transaction opening. This is inherently a delay in the order execution, as a result, the desired price is missed by several points that will not be obtained as a result of the transaction.
  3. Type of order execution. There are two types of order execution: Dealing Desk, Non Dealing Desk. The first option involves the opening of transactions on the internal server of the brokerage company, and this is the first indication of the non-market conditions for performing transactions.

Knowing these key negative nuances, you can filter out those brokerage companies that provide negative conditions for trading.

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ATR Technical Indicator

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Each trader defines his own set of tools for analyzing a financial asset. These can be combinations of both technical and fundamental analysis, which, in synergy, are able to be united into a single trading system and demonstrate a stable result from the fix api trading.

The most popular are technical approaches in the form of patterns, technical figures, and indicators. Today, at the trader’s disposal a number of indicators has been developed that demonstrate the trend direction and display signals to enter the market. But there are very few technical indicators that point to the exit point from the market. But the Average True Range indicator was developed exactly for this purpose.

Average True Range (ATR) is a volatility indicator indicating the average movement of quotations for a certain time interval. This helps the fix api trader to understand the maximum possible volatility on the instrument and set the stop loss level, which will be greater than this parameter in points. Thus, if a trader opened a deal to buy EURUSD at a price of 1.1640, and the value of the ATR indicator is 30 points, then the stop loss should be placed below the opening price by at least 30 points.

Advantages of this technical indicator:

  1. It allows you to determine the exit point from the transaction;
  2. It can be used as a trailing stop;
  3. It is suitable for use in every trading strategy;
  4. It does not pile up the graph, because you can implement it in a text format;
  5. It is a built-in indicator in the fix api MT4 trading terminal.

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Currency Arbitrage and Ways of Its Implementation on Forex

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We all know the popular postulate of each trader: “the market has the property of repeating itself.” This postulate can be applied to the elements of analysis. The Dow Theory is still in a great demand and is still used today. The absolute majority of trailers and including me use the practical recommendations described in it.

Similar to the given practical recommendations, there are trading approaches in the financial market that have been working for several years and bring good interest rates to their fix api traders. Fix api arbitration can safely be referred to these systems.

Arbitrage is a type of trading strategy, the methodology of which is to open a pair of transactions (for purchase and sale) on the same stock exchanges for the same financial instrument. At a time when the price of the financial asset is an inherent time lag, where the value of the same asset may slightly differ, it is necessary to make two transactions simultaneously: a purchase at a cheaper price and a sale at a higher one. This exchange rate difference in the form of a spread will be your net profit, which was achieved absolutely without risks, because you do not care about which way the price will go further.

For a long time, arbitrage was used exclusively on the stock or commodity exchanges because the currency market does not imply a difference in the quotes. However, due to the appearance of a huge number of fix api forex brokers, this type of trading became available for this market, too. It’s all about the broker’s spreads and exchange rates, which causes the exchange rate difference between the different brokerage platforms ( ).

Of course, if we speak for the currency market, it is the most volatile and implementing the arbitration approach in a manual mode is an unrealistic task. While you want to make a fix api arbitrage deal, the price can significantly deviate and the arbitrage situation will be exhausted. To solve this problem, it is necessary to use auxiliary software, which will constantly analyze and, in case of arbitration, open at the time of the transaction.

The more the Internet technology is developed, the more algorithmic programs for implementation of fix api trading appeared. Thus, there are two different methods of currency arbitration today:

  1. Fix api Latency Arbitrage: this approach consists in the fact that the robot will monitor two completely different trading platforms. However, the trading operation itself is performed only in one broker. To do this, you need to determine which broker provides quotes more quickly, and which is slower. Proceeding from this logic, the trading operation should be made on the side of the slower one changing of the faster broker. Some robots trade by comparing quotes to a prime broker through fix api, which makes the algorithm more resilient to volatility and reduces the risks;
  2. Fix api 2-leg Arbitrage: this kind is similar to the previous one, but it differs in the fact that the transaction takes place immediately on two platforms. Thus, it does not matter what fix api forex broker delivers quotes more quickly, but which is slower. The main thing is the existence of an arbitration situation, in which multidirectional trading operations are carried out ( ).

Each kind has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the use of each of them guarantees receipt of passive income through the automation of the trading process. Moreover, taking into account the algorithm and logic of this principle, the formation of profitability from arbitration takes place with minimal possible risks or even with their total absence.

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Trading signals: from indicators to algorithms

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How do you make a decision to buy or sell a financial asset? Probably, you have an algorithm that helps you make the right choice, haven’t you? That strategy, which indicates the time of entering the market, what volume you need to enter the transaction, and also how long to hold it. To put it simply, the trading strategy should tell you where exactly you need to open a long position, and where to open a short one. Usually,these “instructions” are called trading signals.

Trading signals are the final filters in the trading strategy that indicate the triggering of all necessary conditions in your trading strategy and notify you of the best investment opportunities. They can be implemented with the help of alerts, warning systems to the mobile device or special programs.

Trading signals, as I wrote above, can be realized with the help of automatic systems. If your trading strategy is based on technical indicators, itwill not be very difficult to realize the signal in the form of an automatic panel. In that case, all the signals of the fix api trader will be displaied in one place and if desired he can filter them for reliability based on the current trend.

Panels for displaying signals are very popular today in the market, because it allows you to look at it and in a matter of a few seconds to understand what is the situation on the market and where to open deals. There is also a possibility of automatic operation of some panels. Thus, they will work as trading robots, making trading operations in the fix apiforex market without additional intervention of the trader.

However, in order to compose a trading panel or form an effective methodology for a trading strategy, you should know what trading signals exist, with what tools they are identified and how they should be interpreted for effective trading.

For this purpose,I propose you to review several key trading signals that the absolute majority of players use in their fix api trading:

  • Reversal signals. As a rule, this group is formed with the help of patterns to which both reversal bars and combinations in the form of harami can refer I recommend these signals to be taken into account when opening deals with a minimum amount. If after the opening the deals on the basis of reversal combinations, other signals are generated that confirm their dynamics, it is possible to search for additional signals for entering the market.
  • Divergence. Quite a popular trading signal, which helps the manager to determine correctional zones within the trend, in order to fix profits and in the future to re-open the position. This signal is formed on the basis of the indicator’s values (the main ones are: MACD, Awesome Oscillator, RSI), as well as the quotes of the asset. So, if the quotes increase, and the indicator’svalue decreases, then this is a signal to possible correction down. If, on the contrary, the quotations are reduced and the indicator’svalue grows, we should expect correction upwards.
  • Level breakdown. Breakdown is one of the strategies for working in the fix apiforex market using level analysis. This signal indicates the trader that the market is set to follow the trend and also goes into a new phase. Therefore, with such signals, I recommend you to find another 2-3 signals confirming the trend and enter when the breakdown of the local maximum/minimum or fractal zone is repeated (
  • Signals from the indicators. Here, you can list a lot of different combinations and groups of indicators. But I think you can cope with this task independently checking the Internet. I isolated these signals in a separate block, since they can be the same confirming filters for other trading signals.

Undoubtedly, it is impossible to unite all the trading signals that I brought above into a single trading strategy. However, if you can expand your strategy by logical continuation in the form of data for trading signals, this will enable you to avoid false entries into the market and increase the investment capital.

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Social platforms for traders

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On a daily basis, trader not only spends his time studying the facts and current situation in the market, but also constantly fighting against it. The success depends on how correctly this or that situation is perceived and what conclusions the manager can draw. Certainly, this is all that everyone knows, however, both basic principles and fundamentals of fix apitrading are not used by anyone.

I want to note that it is impossible to resist the market movement. It’s like swimming against the current, and in the fix apiforexmarket it’s necessary to swim along this current. That’s why everyone should know and be able to analyze the situation from different sides and first act, asking himselfthe key question: “How will the rest part of the market react?”.

If 10-20 years ago it was quite difficult to find an answer to this question, today it is not a problem. The world of information technologies has significantly developed during this time and it will be enough to turn on the computer, go to various analytical resources and get acquainted with the opinions of the leading market players: to find out their forecasts, the current attitude towardsa certain asset or the market as a whole, to understand on what principle and technique the fix api tradingis ​​being kept and so on. You can even ask the question that interests you and get a response in the form of an opinion of one or another financial market expert.

Social activity has affected our sphere. Tradersjoin teams to work together in the market, which allows them to derive additional benefits based on general forecasts and risk management systems. Diversification of opinions is as much important as diversification of risks.

At the same time, social sites can be divided into several key types:

  1. Forums. Perhaps, this is one of the very first types of social sites that drove traders. On thematic forums one could ask a question and get a lot of answers, on the basis of which effective decisions were made. Today, the forums also function successfully and are a kind of knowledge base, where for several decades almost every element in fix apitrading was discussed.
  2.  Sites for publishing investment decisions or blogs. Such kind of sites appeared not so long ago. With the help of them, you can recommend investing in any asset in the financial market, publishing your forecast of the future price movement or also discover what your colleagues are trading with.
  3.  Social networks. Undoubtedly, today no company or successful trader can do without a profile in popular social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc). This allows you to personally contact the trader and find out the latest news

If you are a socially active fix api trader, this will solve the following problems for you:

  • Lack of knowledge regarding the sphere of financial markets;
  • Search for investment ideas;
  • Search for software for trading;
  • Feedback and opinions regarding trading robots or strategies;
  • Find an effective manager or investor;
  • Perfect your trading strategy;
  • Learn the recommended parameters of money management;
  • Get advanced knowledge and advice from professionals in their field

Moreover, if you have any questions about trading robots, there are many resources on the Internet, where you can evaluate the work of algorithm, analyze the results, and ask about the key parameters of its optimization.

As you can see, if previously it was rather difficult and almost unrealistic for one to understood who is behind the price, today, with the help of social sites, this task is feasible.

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How to get topical quotes by trading from any broker?

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Today, most brokerage companies continue to do what they did more than hundred years ago, namely, to earn thanks to their customers’ stupidity. Earnings of the brokerage company should be based only on the commission from the transaction and this is understandable, because most institutions charge a fee for executing the trade operations. But every fix api traderhas probably faced the spreads and slippage, which can be attributed to the hidden commissions of the brokerage company. Moreover, these “commissions” distort the financial result from the trading activities.

This distortion is even far from the truth that is in the market. For most brokerage companies provide completely irrelevant data or with a certain delay. And as you know, in order to profitably trade in the market, you should be ahead of all and get the most current information that is now available on the market.

That’s why, you should use only actual quotes. Today, it is possible together with access to the financial protocol FiX.

FiX financial protocol is a direct access to the market information. It is used by all the major institutional players of the financial market: banks, hedge funds, investment companies and so on. This tool allows you to bypass brokerage delays and extra charges, and conductfix api trading on the most favorable terms.

Some fix apiforex brokerage companies understand this need of traders and give them access to the financial protocol, but often it is accompanied with a sky-high threshold for entry. However, there are alternatives in the market in the form of software –

Fix Apiis software that supplies traders with market information in the form of quotations of absolutely all fix apiforex market’s currency pairs. This software is best suited for the work of trading algorithms, for which information relevance and accuracy plays a key role in obtaining its percentage of profitability.

Thus, I recommend you to usefix api when working with scalping strategies, where all profitability is formed by opening positions with a short hold. Ifyou take into account the spread and the delays of the brokerage companies, then the entire profitability can simply disappear because of this. Fix api will not allow this, because the speed of orders execution and market conditions allow people to circumvent these negative aspects in the work of brokerage companies.

I also recommend using this software with arbitration algorithm – For in this strategy, a mandatory condition is the search for exchange rate differences. In the conditions of forex and brokerage companies’ work that provide access to this market, you can earn directly on these delays. Thus, using fix apiyou can receive relevant information and use it for trading on the belated resources of brokerage companies.

In fact, you can use fix api for any type of trading robots, which allows you to more accurately enter the transaction and confirm the signals on the market terms, rather than on the terms of the brokerage company. In addition, fix api has obvious advantages:

  1. It allowsyou to bypass negative moments of the broker companies, about which I wrote above;
  2. It allows you to get a complete market picture, because your transactions will affect the price. Also, you will have the opportunity to learn the current open positions in the market, thereby being able to more accurately predict the further movement of assets;
  3. Use of special pending orders, which will have even more precise execution precisely according to the parameters that they contain.

Using this approach will allow you to have the most current market data in your arsenal in the fight against the market, and will also become a key tool for working in an algorithmic mode.

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Negative psychological factors in trading

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Trade in the financial market is a very complex process when it comes to the psychological pressure. I agree that the process itself is not difficult, because all that is needed for fix api trading is a working algorithm and the ability to conduct both fundamental and technical analysis. But the whole process is tied up with the capital thus, with money. As we know, it’s impossible to do without losing trades on the market. Each reduction of the capital can “painfully” affect the performance of the manager.

Personally, I believe that psychological factors take half of the success in the work on the financial market. And that’s why they need to be fought with and taken under a control.

I will highlight 5 key psychological factors that negatively affect the work of the fix api trader:

  1. Fear. This psychological factor plays a huge role in the future result. If the transactions are opened because of fear, a large number of profitable entry points will be missed, and deals will be closed even before the take-profit level is worked ( All this as a complex deprives the trader of the possible profit.
  2.  Greed. Likewise, just as fear negatively affects the fixation of the trading results on fix apiforex the greed also affects it. For in this case, on the contrary, many superfluous transactions will be opened without apparent grounds, which will not have a full analysis or will go beyond the scope of the trading strategy. Moreover, greed will also force the manager to close trading operations even before the take-profit level is worked.
  3.  Courage. When several of your trading operations are successful, the main thing is not to give up to courage. 2-3 operations – this is far from complete statistics. Control this emotion, because it only aggravates the probability for losing position and leads to such a moment as a “transfer” of the stop loss level. It is necessary to give time for analysis of the trade operations. What was the reason for achieving the goal? Was it an accident or a result of the effectiveness of your trading strategy? Only after the analysis of transactions, you can proceed with full confidence in the normal trading mode, while not making rash transactions, because the greed will be involved.
  4.  Uncertainty. Before opening an account in the fix apiforex brokerage company, I recommend you to start trading only after repeatedly testing your algorithm. This will create expectations for future results and building confidence in them. Otherwise, you will not know what to expect from your trading and you will not be completely confident in your trading strategy. Trust the statistics. It indicates the formed trend of your trade. As soon as positive dynamic is visible, it is a signal that you are moving in the right direction.
  5.  Excessive confidence. You need to know the boundaries and similar to the previous negative psychological factor, to not rely on your fighting spirit. After all, if you get unprofitable operations time after time while believing that everything is fine and these are single cases, then you will continue to increase losses. Once again, test your trading, and only then go to the real market.

Undoubtedly, if the whole trade problem lies in the inability to counteract these factors, the perfect solution will be to create a trading robot (, which itself will conduct analysis and commit trading operations, because the algorithm is devoid of psychological moments. However, if you overcome these five psychological factors, you will be able to reach the desired level of profitability, and also you will be able to increase your capital. Moreover, if you can control these emotions, this will be beneficial for you in other fields besides fix api trading.

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Scalping strategy against arbitration trading: what brings more profit

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There are many trade policies in the financial market. Because of the abundance of systems, some strategies resemble one another on the principle of work. One of these strategies is scalping fix api trading and arbitration.

However, I would note that, despite a small affinity, these strategies have clear differences.

Scalping trading is the speculative opening of many trading operations with a short profit capture level. That is, the trade algorithm is to analyze the historical data, usually through technical indicators, on the basis of which a decision is made to open a transaction with a capture of 5-10 points from the overall traffic potential. Thus, transactions are held in the market for a few seconds or not more than a minute. The yield is generated by the number of open transactions.

In turn, arbitration trading does not analyse the historical movement of currency pair quotes on the fix api forex, but analyses the actual value of the same currency on different stock sites. For example, the normal difference between the EUR/USD price of different brokers is 5 points. When the cost of EUR/USD from one broker is 1.0620, and the second 1.0610, the trade algorithm (robot) performs the sale of the first broker and the purchase of the second. Let him, after a while, have a 1.0625 and a second 1.0620. So the difference returned to normal values and the trade algorithm closes the transaction. As a result, one operation has -5 points and the second one +10. The financial result from both operations is +5 points. This is the method of fix api arbitration trading. The yield is also generated by a large number of transactions, and the holding of positions is limited to a few seconds.

We sorted out the main difference. But now another question appears: “What is the trade strategy that generates more revenue?”

You will never get an answer to this question, because, as I said, there are many algorithms for each strategy that yield a certain rate of return. And each trade robot will be different. Some scalping system would bring more profit than the arbitration, but at the same time the arbitration system would bring more profits than a certain scalping. I’ll tell you even more. Every trade strategy, independent of its kind, generates income.

However, it is worth noting that, given the trade specification, I can call arbitration trading less risky. The algorithm, however, opens two deals at the same time, thus locking its result, so that the transactions will always be closed with a small plus (as in the example below) and this is the key advantage of this strategy. But at the same time, I note that a number of fix api forex brokerage companies prohibit this type of trade. Therefore, it will be necessary to find a broker that does not prohibit trade according to arbitration, but even better, a brokerage company with trading capability through fix api.

Scalping is based on short-term forecasts based on technical elements of the analysis and may continue for some time, thus coming into the land. This may lead to the risk of losing not only the money earned but the investment.

Choosing one of the types of trade strategies always remains with you. Keep in mind that choosing a robot or system is not just about the rate of return, but on the basis of the statistics:

– Subsidence;

– Recovery factor;

– Profit factor;

– An expected value of the trade strategy;

– Sharpe coefficient;

– Ratio of profitable/loss-making transactions.

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